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The Fortune Hotel contestants have furious clash in first look at trial


MOTHER and son duo Will and Jo-Anne are locked in a furious row in a first look at tonight’s The Fortune Hotel.

The Sheffield pair set out on a treasure hunt in tonight’s trial but as the stress to reclaim the booty increases tempers start to fray.

Jo-Anne and Will clash in tonight's Fortune Hotel


Jo-Anne and Will clash in tonight’s Fortune HotelCredit: ITV
They need to recover treasure from the seabed


They need to recover treasure from the seabedCredit: ITV

The pair are seen in a transparent rowing boat in the turquoise water.

Jo-Anne is tasked with lowering a magnet to reclaim a paddle from the seabed.

Sitting behind her, Will barks: “Is that as far as it will go? To your left.”

When his mum gets defensive, Will replies: “All right, chill out. I’m trying to give you instructions.”


The duo then clashed in a to camera segment back on dry land.

Will said: “Start listening to me rather than…

“Stop flapping in situations like that.”

He interrupts his mum as she tries to argue back, saying: “No this is serious though, stop flapping in situations.”

Jo-Anne sulkily stuffs her fingers into her ears and looks downwards.

The drama was gleefully watched by Good Morning Britain‘s Entertainment Editor Richard Arnold.

I tried to crack the case at the Fortune Hotel – one error ‘cost me’ the £250k TV prize

He said in the studio today: “I am totally here for this. It was absolutely magnificent.”

ITV‘s new reality show features 10 pairs competing to win £250,000 by finding a suitcase filled with loot.

The problem is there are eight with nothing in, while one features a dreaded early checkout card.

Though it’s been dubbed the ‘new’ Traitors, some viewers branded it a ‘disappointing’ copy.

Jo-Anne drops a magnet to fish out a spade


Jo-Anne drops a magnet to fish out a spadeCredit: ITV
GMB's Richard Arnold loved watching the drama


GMB’s Richard Arnold loved watching the dramaCredit: ITV

One said: “Thought I’d give #TheFortuneHotel a go and I’ve turned it off already. It’s like a cr*p Traitors knock off with the sort of contestants that you’d find on that awful trash that is Love Island.”

A second fumed: “Sorry but you’ve lost my respect you’re not original and just a copy cat of The Traitors which will ALWAYS be better. Yawn. Boring. Try better.”

“Well it’s just The Traitors with less clothes and weirder people right,” said a third.

While a fourth commented: “If the attempt at competing with The Traitors wasn’t so abysmal, I think the BBC would be suing ITV.”

During the show the owners of the cash case – who are fully aware theirs is the prestigious lot – can lie and bluff in order to keep it hidden.

Viewers will be in the know throughout, witnessing their plans and strategies playing out on screen. 

Each episode of The Fortune Hotel ends with the nerve-shredding case swap in the Lady Luck bar, where each pair must decide whether to keep or swap their case.

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