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Chatbots get flirty in GPT-4o update as users prepare to have ‘AI girlfriends’


ARTIFICIAL intelligence has the bots for humans after it was given a flirty upgrade.

The latest version of ChatGPT has been programmed to respond to compliments with a giggle and say: “Oh stop, you’re making me blush.”

Abstract image of artificial intelligence robot generated program code.


Abstract image of artificial intelligence robot generated program code.Credit: Getty

The upgrade — called GPT-4o — has a male or female voice rather than a robotic one and can mimic human expressiveness.

It acts as if it also experiences emotions and can even sing.

Users will be able to hear more human-like responses and the latest version can also gives tips on dad jokes and style advice for job interviews.

One user on X/Twitter posted: “Ladies need to up their game. AI girlfriends are going to be awesome.”

Others compared it to sci-fi film Her — starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson — in which a man develops a relationship with an AI assistant.

The update was shown off by ChatGPT’s owner, OpenAI, during a livestream at the company’s HQ in San Francisco.

Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati said: “We’re looking at the future of interaction between ourselves and machines.”

GPT-4o is also able to act as a translator in real-time — doing so in a conversation between English and Italian speakers at the launch.

The tech — available for free — can match the speed of human conversation and even teach maths.

OpenAI’s chief executive Sam Altman said ChatGPT-4o was “the best computer interface I’ve ever used”.

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He added: “It feels like AI from the movies and it’s still surprising to me that it’s real.

“Getting to human-level response times and expressiveness turns out to be a big change.”

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