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'Hilariously tragic' people say about couple's gender reveal gone wrong


A COUPLE’S failed gender reveal has been labelled “hilariously tragic” by social media viewers.

The pair had been hoping to find out if they were having a boy or a girl with a big display.

A couple's gender reveal gone wrong has been labelled "hilariously tragic" by viewers


A couple’s gender reveal gone wrong has been labelled “hilariously tragic” by viewersCredit: tiktok/@just5teve
After Steve struggled to pop the balloon, his baby mama pulled it open, but the confetti didn't exactly burst out


After Steve struggled to pop the balloon, his baby mama pulled it open, but the confetti didn’t exactly burst outCredit: tiktok/@just5teve

They’d placed a sheet on the floor to catch the contents of the balloon, which was filled with confetti indicating if they were having a boy or a girl.

Father-to-be Steve took charge of popping the balloon, but struggled to get the needle to pierce the outside.

His baby mama then tried to help, by attempting to make a hole in the balloon with her nails.

At that point, the balloon deflated but the contents remained inside.

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The mum-to-be took the balloon and attempted to make a bigger hole for the confetti to come out – as people could be heard laughing hysterically in the background.

She managed to get some of the pink confetti to float down, with Steve saying: “Oh my God!” as he spotted the colour.

“It’s a girl?” one onlooker said.

He then embraced his baby mama as she struggled to hold back her tears, before exclaiming: “It’s not what I ordered, is it!”

People were quick to comment on the TikTok video, with one writing: “This is hilariously tragic. Congrats!”

“It’s the sheet on the floor for me,” another giggled.

‘Weirdly random’ gender reveal sees couple dive into ICE bath to find out if they’re having a boy or girl

“The most ghetto balloon ever but very funny,” a third laughed.

“It’s a good job they put the blanket down!!” someone else said.

“Bit of a fail!” another acknowledged.

“It’s so bad!” someone else wrote.

“Hope she has a safe pregnancy.”

Another comment appeared to be from the baby mama herself, as she’d written: “If anything didn’t go wrong it wouldn’t be right for us!”

“Memories that make you laugh but cry are forever!”

The world’s most expensive gender reveals

GENDER reveals are becoming bigger and more elaborate day by day, with people constantly thinking of different ways to up those before them.

And money is no issue for a lot of these couples – with some spending hundreds or thousands on the event.

Read on for some of the most expensive gender reveals in history.

Ste Hamilton

Wealthy property tycoon and YouTuber Ste Hamilton decided to gift his wife-to-be Isabella Rowles with a £300,000 Lamborghini, which would be in either pink or blue to reflect their baby’s gender.

Steven and Isabella and friends and family attended an extravagant event at the Belfry Hotel and Resort near Birmingham to find out they were having a baby boy.

“It was worth every second of the hard work to see the happiness in everyone’s faces on the day,” Ste said, after spending a further £40,000 on the big reveal.

Logan Paul

The wrestling star and YouTuber and fiancee Nina Agdal staged a public wrestling match for their gender reveal.

A wrestler in pink trunks took on one in blue, with the one in pink emerging victorious – signifying that they are having a baby girl.

Inga Stumbriene

The Lithuanian influencer hired planes to fly in the sky as she, her fiance and their nearest and dearest watched.

The planes dropped a load of blue confetti – revealing the pair were having a boy – but people insisted it was the “most polluted” gender reveal ever.

Anonymous couple

One of the most recent jaw-dropping gender reveals happened in May 2024, when a couple decided to DYE a waterfall to reveal if they were having a boy or girl.

After the videos circulated on the social media, the public demanded for the couple to be punished, with some suggesting they should go to jail.

Others were concerned about water contamination, as the pair had used a powdered chemical known as “Blue Lagoon” into the Queima-Pe River, which feeds the waterfall.

“I felt more deflated than the balloon watching this,” someone else joked in the comments.

“Funny memory though!”

“I would definitely check if it’s definitely a girl going off that balloon!” another suggested.

“No one commenting on the ‘it’s not what I ordered is it’ – hope he was talking about the balloon and not his daughter!” someone else laughed.

As another wrote: “This in comparison to American versions is just SO BRITISH!”

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