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Toyota driver reveals hidden button which could save you £1000s


TOYOTA drivers have been left amazed at a simple button that can solve most of their tyre related issues in seconds.

Drivers found their car can give them a warning light when their tyre pressure is low thanks to a small yet mighty button that could even save them thousands.

This amazing button can help to keep your tyre pressure in a safe and healthy condition


This amazing button can help to keep your tyre pressure in a safe and healthy conditionCredit: YouTube/@TheUnrestricted

The viral video has an impressive 360,000 views and is titled “hidden buttons on the Toyota Tacoma”.

In the video, the man shows his flashy red Toyota Tacoma as he talks about how one simple button can make your driving experience a whole lot smoother and safer.

The tyre pressure button sits at the very bottom of the front driver’s seats just above the pedals and clutch.

Labelled “set”, the button also has a useful icon of a rounded shape with two opposing arrows inside of it to help you find it.

According to the video, the button “sets your tyre pressure” by resetting your PSI to “whatever you want it to be”.

All you need to do is set your tyres to the preferred setting and then press on the button.

This should then automatically save that number as your new PSI for future reference.

But, should your tyres ever drop drastically below the set number then a light will pop up reminding you its time to give your wheels a check.

The clever hack comes from social media star “The Unrestricted” who has over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube and thousands of followers on Instagram.

His car tips focus on Toyota Tacoma’s and frequently get hundreds of thousands of views.

Your tyres could be illegal without you even realising it… & you might run the risk of a £10k fine

Driving a motor with tyre pressure at 40% below the recommended level can increase the car’s fuel consumption by up to 8% – costing the average family around £140 a year, studies have found.

And driving with underinflated tyres is also a dangerous idea.

It can result in the tyre rubbing the wrong way on the road causing them to quickly wear out prematurely.

Last year, one garage in Wales checked the tyre pressure of 100 random cars in a month and found over half of the cars had underinflated tyres.

Out of all the cars they tested, 72 of them had tyres not properly inflated and 22 had all four tyres inflated to the wrong pressure.

Experts say motorists should check their tyre pressure once a month and especially before making long journeys or carrying heavy loads.

The easiest way to check the pressure is to use an air compressor with a well-calibrated pressure gauge.

The gauge should give you an immediate reading of the current pressure when attached properly.

Alternatively, take your car into your local garage to get them checked or look online for sites that can help you out such as KwikFit.

One money-saving item that can help make low pressure a problem of the past is a digital tyre pressure gauge.

The super-slim must have for savvy drivers is a genius item helping drivers keep there wheels in perfect road-ready condition for just £9.

It comes as a mechanic also revealed exactly when you should be changing your oil or else you risk “destroying your car”.

Drivers could be forced to shell out thousands on repairs if they leave it too long.

A digital tyre pressure gauge can come in handy to measure your tyre pressure


A digital tyre pressure gauge can come in handy to measure your tyre pressure
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