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Homeowner shows off makeover that 'looks like a McDonald's manager did it'


WE all love a home makeover, but one homeowner has been slammed by haters after they showed off the before and after snaps of their project.

Despite the home looking like a large, traditional pad in the first snap, the homeowners decided to upgrade it to look way more modern.

The home looked like any other detached pad before the renovation


The home looked like any other detached pad before the renovationCredit: tIKtOK
Trolls thought the renovated home looked like a dentist


Trolls thought the renovated home looked like a dentistCredit: TIKTOK
Haters compared the pad to a McDonald's and asked where it's drive thru is


Haters compared the pad to a McDonald’s and asked where it’s drive thru isCredit: Getty

But after the renovation pictures were shared by a decorating ideas account on TikTok most people only had negative things to say about the transformation.

Although the post painted the home in a great like, saying the transformation was “a vibe”, it was clear not everyone agreed.

The home looked almost completely unrecognisable in the second picture – even the roof changed shape.

The traditional windows had been replaced with ones with black casing.

But most notably, the huge extension added onto the side of the home left viewers scratching their heads.

Some even compared it to a McDonald’s.

“Where’s the drive thru bit?” one person joked in the comments of the viral video.

“That’s an actual crime,” a second chimed in.

And another wrote: “A McDonald’s manager definitely built this.”

Meanwhile, others though the renovated pad looked more like a dentist.

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“British dental practice final boss,” they joked, but another thought it looked like it was “ordered from IKEA.”

“It doesn’t work, looks like two houses smashed together,” someone else said.

People thought the more modern pad didn’t have the same “character” as it did before.

“Looks like a drive thru, grey velvet, French bulldog, Love Island factory,” one slammed.

Of course, some did like the dividing renovation, and praised the homeowner’s style choices.

“I think it looks good, each to their own,” one said.

“The first one was boring, sorry,” another said.

Garage extension rules

Not all garage extensions will require planning permission.

Separate outbuildings like sheds, greenhouses and garages typically fall under permitted development rights, meaning you can within certain limits without full permission.

These limits include:

  • The building not being further forward than the front elevation of your house;
  • The garage being no more than 4 m tall;
  • Your design not taking up more than 50% of the property’s original garden;
  • The property not being on “designated land”;
  • The design not including verandas, balconies or raised platforms; and
  • The structure is made from similar materials to the existing house.

Always double check with your local planning authority.

Source: Wessexgaragedoors.com

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