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I almost missed out on £76k Postcode Lottery jackpot because I was TOO careful


A GRANDAD has revealed how he was a lottery winner for a week before he realising he’d actually landed a £76,000 jackpot.

Recently retired Colin, 59, says his cautious nature could have cost him the cash – but then he spotted a camera crew at his door.

Gwen and Colin landed £76k in the People's Postcode Lottery - but thought it was a scam


Gwen and Colin landed £76k in the People’s Postcode Lottery – but thought it was a scamCredit: postcodelottery

The grandad is among 10 neighbours on his Tyne and Wear street that scooped part of £1million through the People’s Postcode Lottery.

But Colin and partner Gwen say they could have missed out on the sweet £76,923 for being too cautious.

He explained he’d seen emails filling his inbox about the win last week, but quickly deleted them as he thought they were a hoax.

But then he spotted the camera crews near his South Shields’ home.

Colin recalled: “I had two emails from Postcode Lottery and thought, ‘No, this is a scam,’ and deleted them.

“I drove back home, as I’d been swimming this morning, and then I saw the Postcode Lottery camera crew.

“It feels fantastic. I’ve just retired so it’s a bonus.”

Colin said he had been working at Siemens for almost four decades as a buyer until he retired this year.

The grandad-of-three said: “I worked at the same place all my life. It’s came at a great time – happy days.”

He and Gwen were already planning a massive trip away to the US for this 60th birthday in September.

I won £333k on People’s Postcode Lottery… but we’ll wait 14 YEARS to spend it for very important reason

The 59-year-old continued: “We’ve got a big holiday to pay for, anyway. For my 60th we’re going to San Francisco, then Napa Valley, Los Angeles, a cruise for a week, San Diego, Mexico.”

Colin added: “We’ve got five children between us and five grandkids, we’ll definitely treat them.”

Meanwhile, the couple’s neighbours revealed how they feel like fraudsters for winning the cash.

Ashley signed up to play the draw just two months ago, and forked out £24 for her tickets before bagging a sizeable £76,923.

The beauty therapy student from South Shields, Tyne and Wear, said: “Twenty-four pounds. Two months. This feels like a dream.”

Husband Colin, an HGV driver, added: “We feel like such frauds. It really doesn’t feel real.”

Nine neighbours won £76,923 each with two others doubling their prize to £153,846 thanks to playing with two tickets.

How does the People’s Postcode Lottery work?

ACCORDING to the official website, players sign up with their postcode and pay £12 per month.

They are automatically entered into every draw and prizes are announced every day of the month.

Tickets play for prizes every day of the week – from Monday to Sunday, a ticket could win £1,000 each day in the Daily Prize.

Tickets could also win a jackpot of £30,000 in Saturday and Sunday’s Street Prize draws.

People’s Postcode Lottery also offer a £3 Million Postcode Millions draw each month – and your ticket plays for a share of a £3 Million cash prize fund.

Winners are notified by email, SMS message, mail or phonecall depending on the prize they win.

Jackpot winners are visited by the lottery team in person.

Ashley was almost out the door to go to college when the Postcode Lottery team turned up on her doorstep.

The mum-of-four said: “I’m shaking. We’ve got four kids. Two of them don’t even own a passport and have never been on holiday before.”

Happy hubby Colin said: “I can’t believe it. I literally don’t believe it. It just never happens.

“Ashley lost her dad last year and I lost mine a few years ago and we’ve just had a real run of bad luck.”

The couple tied the knot in 2021 when Covid restrictions were eased after Ashley received the heartbreaking news that her dad had been given just 12 months to live.

Ashley told how they’d never even gone on honeymoon after their low-key, post-pandemic wedding.

She said: “We literally went to the registry office and went to a local pub after. We were only allowed so many people.

I had two emails from Postcode Lottery and thought, ‘No, this is a scam,’ and deleted them.

ColinJackpot winner

“We’ve never been on our own other than our wedding night. We don’t really have anyone for babysitting.

“We’ve both got our mums, but to take four kids is a big ask.”

The couple haven’t decided on a honeymoon destination yet – but after a tough few years for the family they intend on letting their son and three daughters choose their dream holiday.

Colin said: “If the kids want to go on an aeroplane anywhere, I’d think they’d want to go to the other side of the world.

“It’s nice that we’ll be able to do something for them. It’s just beyond.”

Ashley added: “Our youngest, Zara, would die to go to Disneyland.”

Ashley decided to start playing after her friend, who lives in the neighbouring town of Boldon Colliery, had a £1,000 cash win.

She said: “My friend Claire said that the Postcode Lottery didn’t even contact her, and she just opened her mail, and it was like £1,000 through the door. And I was like, ‘We need to sign up’.”

Ashley, picture with husband Colin, had only been playing the People's Postcode Lottery for two months before her big win


Ashley, picture with husband Colin, had only been playing the People’s Postcode Lottery for two months before her big winCredit: Peoples Postcode Lottery
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