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Tyson Fury becomes UK's top paid boxer ever.. and could have TEN more fights


TYSON FURY is British boxing’s biggest-ever earner after raking in a £300million fortune.

The incoming £80m payday for Saturday’s clash with Oleksandr Usyk means he tops rival Anthony Joshua.


Tyson Fury has become the UK’s top-paid boxer in history[/caption]

Fury has gathered his riches thanks to a trilogy of battles with Deontay Wilder, an £80m five-fight deal with USA broadcaster ESPN, long-running partnership with TNT and last year’s win over Francis Ngannou in Riyadh.

If the unbeaten Gypsy King becomes undisputed world heavyweight champ by adding Usyk’s WBA, IBF and WBO belts to his WBC strap, he will be  able to write his own cheques for the showdowns that follow.

Saudi paymasters will offer Fury TEN more bank-busting paydays, starting with an expected rematch with Usyk and a double-header against Joshua.

Promoter Frank Warren, who guided Fury back from 29st laughing stock to king of the sport’s stock exchange, says he will floor all before him.

Asked if his 6ft 9in star attraction has now eclipsed his predecessors and rivals, Warren said: “Yeah. No question — by far. He’s made BIG money.

“Think of all the records — highest-grossing heavyweight fight to take place in Las Vegas, which was him and Deontay Wilder.

“Wembley Stadium against Dillian Whyte was the highest-grossing event they’ve ever had.

“At Tottenham, he sold out 60,000 tickets for an open-air show in December against Derek Chisora — come on. That’s what he is.”


If he sees off Usyk, Fury can expect his clashes with Joshua to be the biggest fights in British history.

Saudi’s combat sport kingmaker Turki Alalshikh wants to make Fury vs Joshua above all else, with February 2025 the dream date.

And Warren added: “If Tyson comes through, of course we want to see the big fight between Fury and AJ.

“But I don’t think that will be the fight afterwards.

“I don’t think it will be because there is so much money involved for the loser of this fight — and the rematch.

“I don’t know what sort of step-aside money you’d give them to do that.

“It would only happen if someone was out of action after this first fight — that would be a thing. But it will come around quickly, February.”

No promoter fights his man’s corner like veteran campaigner Warren, 72, and this week is no different.

For all the positive comments about the new muscles Fury has been flexing in Saudi, umbridge has been taken with the way the Mancunian giant’s regularly contradictory comments are not given more leeway.

Fury, 35, suffers from bipolar ­disorder which, among other things, can cause huge mood swings.

 Warren said: “It’s well-documented that he’s bipolar and I get p***ed off when people keep talking about how he contradicts himself.

“He does that because he’s bipolar. I find it offensive that people keep digging him out over things like that.

“I don’t understand it, it feels like a little campaign against Tyson Fury.

“He has been one of our best boxers, has gone out and done everything that has been asked of him, overcoming demons that most people would never have got out of.

“He was a drug addict and a boozer and all that s*** and he’s then come out of it and gone and won fights,  won the title, gone in people’s  backyards and done it.

“Here we are again, he’s fighting a guy who is undefeated. These are two guys in their prime.”

Fury's fight week diet


10am: Five eggs, spinach, turkey bacon omelette. Two large roasted potatoes and 1/2 avocado.

1pm: Two bananas, cup of Greek yogurt smoothie.

3pm: : Lemon pepper salmon, 8oz roasted sweet potatoes, tablespoon hummus and 1/2 avocado.

6pm: 8oz BBQ chicken breast, cup of rice with broccoli and tomatoes cooked in chicken broth.

9pm: Greek yogurt, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and 1/4 cup of granola.

12am: Two smoothies, two bananas, Greek yogurt.


10am: Rosemary roasted potatoes, Two turkey sausages, Two scrambled eggs with cheese and pineapple.

1pm: Protein shake, banana, 1tbsp honey, 1tbsp peanut butter and Greek yogurt.

3pm: 8oz Chicken curry with peas carrots and two cups of basmati rice.

6pm: Lamb kebabs with tzatziki sauce and hummus and basmati rice and sliced Cucumber.

9pm: Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and Greek yogurt.

12pm: Shake, banana 1tbsp peanut butter, Greek yogurt and dark chocolate.


10am: Three eggs scrambled with cheese, roasted rosemary potatoes, shake, Greek yogurt, blueberries and two chicken sausages.

1pm: Sliced apples, sliced oranges, mixed nuts, Greek yogurt mixed with 1tbsp honey.

3pm: Two chicken thighs, garbanzo beans cooked with spinach in chicken broth with chicken gravy.

6pm Chicken breast, large baked potato, sliced melon and pineapple, side of asparagus with lemon salt and pepper.

9pm Greek yogurt, sliced banana, sliced strawberries and dark chocolate. 

12am: Banana, tbsp peanut butter, honey and Greek yogurt.


10am: Three eggs scrambled with cheese, two chicken sausages, roasted rosemary potatoes, pineapple .

1pm: Shake, 1/2banana tbsp honey 1tbsp peanut butter, Greek yogurt.

3pm: BBQ chicken breast, peas and carrots and baked potato.

6pm: 8oz lemon pepper salmon, basmati rice with tomatoes, spinach, and basil cooked in chicken broth and 1/2 avocado, lemon pepper olive oil.

9pm: Blueberries raspberries,  blackberries, dark chocolate and Greek yogurt.

12pm: Shake, banana and strawberries.


10am: Three eggs scrambled with cheese and spinach, three turkey sausage, rosemary roasted potatoes and mixed fruit.

2pm : 8oz blackened salmon, rice cooked with spinach chickpeas, tomatoes, in chicken broth with hummus and avocado.

6pm: Two chicken thighs, roasted potatoes, mixed berries and nuts.

9pm: Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, Greek yogurt and granola.

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