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BBC EastEnders fans baffled by George and Junior Knight stars' real life age gap


EASTENDERS fans have been left baffled after trying to work out the age gap between father and son George and Junior Knight.

The estranged duo were reunited in Walford this week amid broken relations between the pair.

Fans have been left stumped by the father-son duo's age gap


Fans have been left stumped by the father-son duo’s age gapCredit: BBC
Both actors play younger than their real ages


Both actors play younger than their real agesCredit: BBC

However, fans were quickly left trying to do the maths to work out just how old the duo were and the age-gap between them.

Both actors, Colin Salmon and Micah Balfour, are in fact playing roles which are around five or six years younger than themselves.

Whilst it has been made clear that George became a father to Junior at a young age, his grown-up looks have led fans to be confused by just how young George was.

Writing online, one fan initially posted: “They’ve mentioned him in passing. George was married before Cindy/Rose and the actor playing Junior is in his 40s so it adds up – he definitely had him at a young age, possibly late teens/early 20s.”

Whilst another said: “Some folks on social media were making it seem like the actor playing Junior looked like George’s age mate. He doesn’t look so old.”

Whilst actor Colin is 62 in real life, his character of George is understood to be closer to the 57 mark.

This comes after a recent storyline where he dove into his adoptive past and birth years appeared to confirm that he was born in 1967.

Elsewhere, actor Micah is 45 years old but an EastEnders fan page has specified that he is also playing younger and is in fact 38 years old on the soap.

This leaves an age gap of 19 years between the father and son meaning that George became a dad at the tender age of 19.

His other daughters, shared with Cindy Beale, Anna and Gina, are understood to be in their early to mid 20s, making them around 14 to 18 years younger than their older brother.

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It means that their character’s ages do in fact mirror those of the actors albeit younger.

Colin and Micah share a real-life age gap of around 17 years thus not too dissimilar from George and Junior.

Junior is expected to surprise his father next week when he bring along his wife and son to the Queen Vic.

In a twist, Elaine Peacock will be seen inviting them to move in despite their being very little room to do so.

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