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How to watch The Fortune Hotel abroad – stream ITVX show outside the UK


THE FORTUNE HOTEL hit our screens this week, seeing contestants swap suitcases in pursuit of a cool quarter of a million prize.

If you’re packing your bags and jetting off abroad too, here’s how to catch The Fortune Hotel while outside the UK.

ITV's new reality game show, The Fortune Hotel, hit our screens this week - here's how to stream it abroad


ITV’s new reality game show, The Fortune Hotel, hit our screens this week – here’s how to stream it abroad

The new show is ITV’s answer to The Traitors, offering a copycat game show format, and promising to be just as entertaining.

It launched this week (May 13th 2024) and saw 10 pairs of contestants checking into ‘The Fortune Hotel’ in sunny Grenada.

As the contestants check in, each is armed with a briefcase, one holds the coveted £250,000 jackpot, and eight are empty, while another contains the dreaded Early Checkout Card.

Fronting the show, and doubling as hotel manager is Stephen Mangan, who is trying to figure out who covets the life-changing briefcase for himself.


It hasn’t gone unnoticed just how similar the show format is to rival The Traitors on BBC, with some calling it “Traitors with briefcases.”

That said, it’s shaping up to be just as tense, with host Mangan confirming not all contestants got along, with the show full of drama and friction.

Some familiar faces joined the lineup too, as Fortune Hunter Louie has a previous TV past on another reality show.

If you missed the launch show, don’t worry. Catch-up episodes are available on ITVX, but you’ll run into problems trying to access them abroad.

ITVX content is restricted to the UK and blocked overseas. But there’s a simple fix: use a VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN to stream the new gameshow anywhere.

VPNs can be easily downloaded online and essentially give you a UK-based IP address, allowing you to bypass content-blocking restrictions. And rest assured, using a VPN is completely legal.

For detailed instructions, check out the step-by-step guide in the following section.

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How to watch The Fortune Hotel abroad

While it might seem complex, streaming The Fortune Hotel from outside the UK is actually quite simple.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

Firstly, download a VPN such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN onto your streaming device.

Then, you should open the VPN, and choose a UK server. Once connected, go to ITVX.

Search for The Fortune Hotel. Hit play, and enjoy the show!

    ITVX lets you catch up on previously aired episodes. If you want to watch The Fortune Hotel live on ITV2 from abroad, you can use a VPN.

    Just keep in mind that you must have a TV license to view any live UK television from outside the country.

    We’ve gone ahead and compiled the best VPNs in 2024, making it easier for you to find the one that suits your needs the most.

    How many episodes are in The Fortune Hotel?

    There will be eight hour-long episodes airing each week, with the first show debuting on May 13th and continuing until July 1st.

    You can tune in live on ITV at 9pm or catch up later on ITVX.

    Is The Fortune Hotel on every night?

    The show unfolds over eight weeks, treating viewers to fresh episodes every Monday.

    While we’ve had our first look at the show this week, we’ll need to wait for the final on July 1st when we’ll discover which pair checks out with the jackpot.

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