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I found the perfect BBQ for people who hate smokey clothes at B&M and it's cheap


GETTING your garden ready for the summer can be expensive, with pots, plants and furniture all adding up.

Shoppers are saving themselves a small fortune though, with a B&M buy that is perfect for BBQ season.

Mum Georgina has been raving about the B&M buy on social media


Mum Georgina has been raving about the B&M buy on social mediaCredit: TikTok/georginaacameron
In a recent TikTok, she called the BBQ 'perfect' and had already planned to take it on holiday


In a recent TikTok, she called the BBQ ‘perfect’ and had already planned to take it on holidayCredit: TikTok/georginaacameron

Even better, you won’t have to buy tons of charcoal either.

It is after shoppers spotted the Blaupunkt Indoor/Outdoor Electric BBQ Grill in their local discount store.

The B&M buy has a durable non-stick griddle that evenly grills burgers, sausages and corn on the cob, and is ideal for cooking up a storm in your garden.

Whether you are making your favourite veggie skewers or steak, the LED temperature control also means that you have perfectly cooked food every time.

Made with families in mind, the garden furniture has tons of storage with side shelves, utensil hooks and a removeable stand where you can store burger buns.

If you weren’t already sold, you can also detach the grill to it use indoors and enjoy your favourite BBQ treats even when the weather turns bad.

And once you are done, you can easily clean the grill thanks to it’s no stick surface.

Though it has only just appeared on shelves, B&M shoppers are already racing to the checkout to get their hands on the Blaupunkt BBQ.

Over on TikTok, the bargain buy has already received rave reviews from one savvy mum.

Like many mums, Georgina Cameron is counting down the days till the summer holidays and spending time with her kids.

Summer Garden Makeover on a Budget with B&M’s New Collection

Instead of dealing smokey clothes and with fussy kids, the mum switched to the electric version instead.

Sharing her thought in a now-viral video, she told her followers: “[It is] perfect for us because our children don’t like the smokey barbecue taste.”

While she initially tried it out in her garden, Georgina revealed that she will be using it later this year for barbecues and when her family go away in their camper van.

Though the mum gushed about how much she loved the B&M buy in the caption, there was one surprising downside.

Blaupunkt Indoor/Outdoor Electric BBQ Grill is curently in B&M


Blaupunkt Indoor/Outdoor Electric BBQ Grill is curently in B&MCredit: BMSTORES
Shoppers have been racing to the checkout as the BBQ is under £40


Shoppers have been racing to the checkout as the BBQ is under £40Credit: BMSTORES

She explained: “It was quite fiddly putting it together but it only took me about 10 minutes.”

Despite this, the TikTok user wouldn’t stop raving about how ‘compact’ and ‘lightweight’ the BBQ is.

Others in the comments also raved about the price, with one shopper writing: “Got one yesterday it was awesome and a bargain.”

Another added: “I got this one too I love it.”

Unlike other BBQs on the high street, this one costs less than £100 and we reckon it won’t stay on shelves for long either.

In fact, you can pick up the Blaupunkt BBQ grill for just £39.00 in stores and online.

Well that is our summer BBQ sorted then.

On sale for £39, it won't stay on shelves forever


On sale for £39, it won’t stay on shelves foreverCredit: BMSTORES

How to do up your garden on a budget

With the summer just around the corner, here are some top tips for making the most of your garden.

  1. LET THE LIGHT IN: While the days are getting longer, you can enjoy even more time in your garden by adding fairy lights. You can even make it cosy just with cheap string lights from B&M and Poundland.
  2. PLATE-FUL: Creating an outdoor dinning space and using your garden as an extsion of your home is a great idea. You don’t have to spend a small fortune either, as you can source tables and chairs second hand.
  3. POP OF COLOUR: Is your gardening boring and bland? Add some much needed colour with vibrant pots and plants. You can even find these at supermarkets like Aldi.
  4. COSY UP: Adding soft furnishing to your outdoor space will make it look more high-end almost instantly. Just remember to stick to a similar colour pallette as the rest of your garden
  5. DEAD AHEAD: Taking the time to remove weeds and prune plants can make your space look more polished without spending a penny. If you do have a little extra income, you can alway add extra plants from your local garden centre.

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