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Samsung brutally mocks Apple AGAIN in new clip poking fun at 'tone deaf' advert


SAMSUNG has had the last laugh yet again with a “genius” new advert that mocks Apple’s “tone deaf” iPad advert.

The clever clip paints Samsung as a ‘hero’ against Big Tech companies steamrolling physical, very human, artforms and reducing them into one tool.



samsung-brutally-mock-apple-new-901895511Credit: Samsung

At the beginning of the month, Apple launched its brand new iPad Pro – the thinnest device it’s ever made.

And with it, came its controversial ‘Crushed’ advert, which showed numerous musical instruments, cameras, books, games and artwork being destroyed by a hydraulic press.

While the Silicon Valley giant issued a rare apology for its “inhuman and tone deaf” advert, Samsung has taken the opportunity to poke fun at its smartphone rival – not once, but twice.

The most recent example is Samsung’s new tablet advert, titled ‘UnCrush’.

It shows a woman stepping over debris and spilled paint to pick up a charred and mangled guitar, to pluck some chords displayed on a Galaxy Tab S9.

The video is filmed in an almost identical industrial-style set, which blue hues and debris matching items that were crushed in Apple’s advert.

As controversy was bubbling on social media in response to the iPad Pro ad, Apple was also wrestling with a bug that was silencing morning alarms on iPhones.

That’s when Samsung swooped in to make a mockery of Apple for the first time this month.

The company made a swipe at Apple via an Instagram post, with the caption: “Samsung users woke up on time today.”

‘We missed the mark’ says Apple as iPhone maker apologises for ‘inhuman and tone deaf’ new advert

Samsung v Apple

By Millie Turner, Technology & Science Reporter

Flocks of companies have tried to compete with Apple and failed.

But Samsung is still in the ring, with Apple slightly bruised.

Just last month, the Korean heavyweight took the throne as the world’s best selling mobile phone maker, after Apple suffered a slump in sales.

As Google’s Android system and Samsung use their deep pockets to produce new AI features, Apple has seemingly fallen behind in the race.

A lack of blockbuster AI features, and an ever-ascending price tag, has even die-hard Apple fans eyeing up the ‘dark side’.

In February, rumours were flying about a foldable iPhone, suggesting Apple was bowing to pressure amid the popularity of Samsung’s Galaxy Flip and Fold handsets.

It was the first Android-based device that looked like it had the potential to bring iOS lovers to Android – according to iPhone owners themselves.

And with many families across the globe left penny pinching after the Covid-19 pandemic, Samsung’s mid-market range of more affordable smartphones has made it all the more favourable among consumers.

The good thing is, a little rivalry never hurt anyone.

Sure, it might embarrass execs in the boardroom, but consumers only stand to benefit from a bit of fist shaking and sabre whacking with even more innovation for an even smaller price.

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