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I’m 48 with glossy hair – it fell out in clumps but I saved it with a diet tweak


STAR Khechara isn’t known as The Age Hacker for no reason. 

The 48-year-old has managed to shave years off her hair and skin through amazingly simple methods – and she helps others to do the same. 

Star stopped her hair falling out in clumps thanks to a tiny diet tweak


Star stopped her hair falling out in clumps thanks to a tiny diet tweakCredit: Wayne Perry – The Sun
She shared the results, age 48, on Instagram


She shared the results, age 48, on InstagramCredit: Star Khechara

Her latest revelation is how she stopped her once breakage-prone hair from falling out in clumps by harnessing the power of certain foods. 

The anti-ageing expert insists that our skin and hair need to be fed internally, not through expensive lotions and potions.

And according to Star, this approach means she now has “lush, long and glossy locks at age 48”.

“I used to struggle with hair breakage and even lost chunks of it when I had a crappy diet,” she shared on Instagram.

“Now, I build lush, long and glossy locks at age 48 with a super hydrating fruit-centric diet.

“On a scale of one to mermaid, what’s your hair like today?”

That’s right: Star says the key to growing your hair is eating more fruit.

She dubs fruit as “the underdog of food” as “there are things in fruit that aren’t even in vegetables”.

The Facelift Diet 

Star is the pioneer of the Facelift Diet.

“The Facelift Diet is basically a fruit-centric and plant-based anti-ageing diets,” she explained to Fabulous earlier this year.

“It’s about eating anti-ageing foods in abundance. 

“It’s not restrictive or calorie counting or anything.

“Certain foods have rejuvenating properties and you can slow down ageing with your diet.”

And revealing her shopping list essential from the supermarket, she said: “It’s all about fruit. 

The 4 stages of the hair growth cycle

Hair experts at Philip Kingsley shared the four stages of the hair growtn cycle are: Anagen, Catagen, Telogen and Exogen

Anagen Phase: Also known as the ‘Growth Phase’ or ‘Active Phase’, is when the cells in the root of your hair are most rapidly dividing so more new hair is formed.

During the Anagen Phase, hair grows around half an inch a month [about six inches a year], and faster in the summer than in winter.

This phase of the hair growth cycle lasts an average of three to five years.

Catagen Phase: Following the Anagen Phase, your hair cycle enters a short transitional phase known as the Catagen Phase, which signals the end of active hair growth and cuts individual hairs off from the blood supply and from the cells that produce new hair.

Approximately three percent of all hairs are in this stage at any time and it lasts for around 10 days.

Telogen Phase: The third stage of your natural hair growth cycle is the Telogen Phase, a resting period when strands remain in their follicles but are not actively growing.

An estimate of 10-15 percent of your hairs are in the Telogen Phase at any given moment.

The Telogen Phase lasts around three months or 100 days.

Exogen Phase: The final stage of the Hair Growth Cycle, when individual hair strands are released from their follicles and fall out.

Now the whole process begins again.

“If you take anything away from this, eat more fruit.

“There are things in fruit that aren’t even in vegetables. 

“It’s the underdog of food groups.”

Yes Peas

Star is also a big fan of frozen peas – a humble and cheap vegetable that packs a serious anti-ageing punch. 

She recently teamed up with Yes Peas, a campaign dedicated to championing the round veg, to share their benefits.

“Peas boast a unique blend of phytochemicals, including genistein and daidzein, which have been shown to slow collagen loss and combat skin ageing,” Star explained.

“As oestrogen levels decline during this stage, peas offer a natural solution to bolster collagen production, preserving skin firmness and resilience for a youthful complexion.

“Harnessing the power of chlorophyll, peas enhance skin elasticity and diminish facial wrinkles.

“This natural anti-ageing agent, coupled with peas’ nutrient-rich composition, contributes to a youthful, luminous complexion.”

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