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Tyson Fury 'won't mind if there's blood and guts all over ring' in Usyk fight


TYSON FURY has no fears of his cut reopening in tomorrow’s undisputed world heavyweight title fight with Oleksandr Usyk.

The Gypsy King suffered the gash above his right eye during a sparring session just a fortnight before their  proposed February 17 showdown.

Tyson Fury claims cuts are all part of the game as he prepares to take on fellow unbeaten heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk for the undisputed title


Tyson Fury claims cuts are all part of the game as he prepares to take on fellow unbeaten heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk for the undisputed titleCredit: Getty
Fury posed with his WBC belt at Thursday's press conference


Fury posed with his WBC belt at Thursday’s press conferenceCredit: EPA

But Britain’s WBC champion insists there is no lasting damage as he prepares  to seize the WBA, WBO and IBF belts from southpaw Usyk here in Saudi Arabia.

Fury, 35, said: “The cut’s the cut and if it opens up, it opens up.
“It’s a fight and I’ve had plenty of cuts before, plenty of blood and guts all over the ring. I’m not concerned.

“It wasn’t a massive cut, it was only seven stitches, it’s not like the 47 I had after Otto Wallin.”

The flesh around the scar looks fresh and Fury is talking like a man with his physical and mental health in peak condition.

And the Morecambe heavyweight, who is  bipolar, added: “The best version of me is any version where I’m happy.

“I’m always happy when I’m boxing — I’m getting paid and getting laid.

“I get paid a s**t ton of money every time I fight.”

After two years of trash talk, contract rows, two cancelled bouts and a stray headbutt, the pair will finally clash.


Fury bottled his first face-off chance with Usyk on Thursday night when he refused to go eye-to-eye.

He had promised to use the press conference to wind up Ukraine’s 37-year-old hero.

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In a flame-covered suit, he looked away from Usyk’s determined gaze, preferring to dance and pose — much to the crowd’s disappointment.

Fury told them: “Thanks to all the fans who  travelled over to support me because I know times are hard.

“I have nothing to say apart from I’m ready for a fight, whether it’s tough or easy.

“I’ll pray for him, that we both get home to our families, because that is what it is all about.

Me and Oleksandr are going to put on a fantastic show for the world to watch.”

When asked why he did not face-off with Usyk, he added: “He’s a scary-looking dude.

“I’m just here to relax now and wait until I get into the ring.”

Usyk said: “I’m happy to be here. I’m excited and grateful. Let’s make  history.”

And when asked what he was doodling at the start of the event, he added: “That drawing was my homework.

“It’s a poem. I will not show it now. Later.”

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