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Rooney leaves Sky Sports studio in stitches with one-word response to VAR news


WAYNE ROONEY left the Sky Sports studio in stitches with his brutal one-word response to news of Premier League clubs voting to axe VAR.

England’s top flight sides stunned their overlords by calling a vote to banish the Video Assistant Referee from the beautiful game.

Wayne Rooney had the Sky Sports studio in stitches with his brutal take on VAR


Wayne Rooney had the Sky Sports studio in stitches with his brutal take on VARCredit: X formerly Twitter / @SkySportsPL

Wolves are leading the way after falling foul of several decisions this season.

They formally submitted a resolution to the Premier League today.

And in doing so, Wolves have triggered a vote from the 20 clubs on June 6.

Fans will now be waiting to see if VAR does bite the dust after five controversial years.

Many feel its inclusion has sucked the joy out of football, with numerous incorrect decisions also undermining VAR’s effectiveness.

And one man who appears keen to see it wiped is Manchester United legend.

He raised raucous laughs from the Sky Sports studio when asked if he wanted to see VAR gone.

Rooney cheekily responded to host Dave Jones with a brutal one-word reply, answering: “Please.”


Rooney continued: “I don’t like being vocal on VAR. If it’s there and it gets all the decisions right, then fair enough.

“But it’s taken all the enjoyment out of the game. Having to wait to celebrate a goal, and then getting the decisions wrong, you’re better off letting the referee do it.

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“They will make mistakes but I’d much rather see it without it.”

Fellow pundit Roy Keane then chimed in: “We talk about the decisions more than ever.

“Every weekend we talk about them, more so than when there was no VAR. You’d accept the decision, some go for you, some against.

“I’ve not been a fan and it slows the game down. It’s frustrating for everyone.”

Third pundit Andy Cole added: “I agree. It’s spoilt the game.

“There’s too much controversy surrounding it when they said it’s going to make the game better.

“For me it’s made the game worse and taken a lot of entertainment out.

“Now it’s a video making mistakes, it doesn’t make sense.”

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