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Martin Lewis reveals how you can bag easyJet's cheapest possible flight rates


MARTIN Lewis has revealed how savvy holidaymakers can snap up easyJet’s cheapest possible flight rates.

The Money Saving Expert has urged sun-seekers to head online early today to snap up the best deals.

Passengers board an easyJet plane at London’s Gatwick airport


Passengers board an easyJet plane at London’s Gatwick airportCredit: Getty
Martin Lewis on the TV show Good Morning Britain


Martin Lewis on the TV show Good Morning BritainCredit: Rex

He told his followers on X that easyJet is set to launch its March to June 2025 flights today (Tuesday) from around 6am.

Martin said: “Bagging them the moment they launch (browser refreshing type thing) is often (no guarantee) the way to get them at the cheapest possible rate.

“Flights can rise by £100s even after a couple of hours of launch morning.

“So if you’re going to book, try early.

“PS Cheapest possible, doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, do check what a decent rate is before booking.”

In the replies, Martin acknowledged prices can go up and down due to demand.

But he added: “Often lowest demand is at launch – based on our research – chance it dropping later is tough to predict.

“Locking in at launch is more certain.”

Martin Lewis tells 1.1million to make a phone call for ‘substantial amount of money’ and can you get up to £5,600 a year

Meanwhile, Martin’s Money Saving Expert site has shared several tricks to “manipulate the budget airline and avoid extra fees”.

Tips include using a loophole to boost your hand luggage allowance by using a carrier bag.

The airline allows flyers to take one shopping bag on board, as well as a piece of hand luggage.

MSE also recommends taking squishable hand luggage as they are more likely to fit into overhead lockers as they start to fill up.

Martin’s team also urge holidaymakers to check in early to get a better seat at no extra cost.

The site reads: “You’ll have to pay if you want a specific seat, but the earlier you check in, the more likely it is that you get allocated a better seat.”

In another clever tip, the team suggested flyers can wear some of their luggage if it doesn’t fit in their bag.

And Martin’s MSE also warned travellers not to assume easyJet is always the cheapest and instead always compare airlines.

16 EasyJet tips and tricks

MoneySavingExpert, founded by Martin Lewis, has revealed 16 of its best tips and tricks to avoid paying extra fees when travelling with EasyJet.

See a full list of ways to manipulate the budget airline:

  1. You can pay to bring a second larger bag on board from £5.99
  2. Increase your hand luggage allowance with a shopping bag
  3. Pay for a first-row seat and get extra legroom and an additional bag for the price of one
  4. Pack your on-flight belongings in a squishable holdall
  5. Book tickets when they’re released
  6. Become an EasyJet Plus or Flight Club member to take advantage of free refund trick
  7. Check in 30 days in advance for a better seat at no extra cost
  8. Board earlier to ensure you snag space in locker above you
  9. Pay the right way, using a credit card, for protection
  10. Don’t rely on using EasyJet to book extras – including car hire, hotels, and travel insurance
  11. Be smart when packing – you might be able to fit more than you think in your bags
  12. Pay in advance for checked baggage
  13. Wear your luggage if necessary
  14. Pack food, rather than pay sky-high prices for sky-high food
  15. Always compare EasyJet prices with that of other airlines
  16. Check to see if you might be owed compensation for delayed flights
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