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My parents are polyamorous – my mom is judgemental that I'm not too


A CHILD of polyamorous parents has opened up about their experience growing up.

Their relationship with their mom isn’t the best because she’s not understanding about their monogamy.

A Redditor opened up about their experience with polyamorous parents (stock photo)


A Redditor opened up about their experience with polyamorous parents (stock photo)Credit: Getty

Redditor Crazyginger1221 shared their family drama in a viral post.

As a child, they explained that their parents’ dating style didn’t pose a problem.

“It wasn’t a huge deal when I was a kid. Essentially, it was just like hanging out with your parents and their friends,” they said.

“Some of my mom’s SOs [significant others] had kids my age that I got along with really well.”

As they grew older, however, judgment from their mom put pressure on their relationship.

“A little while ago, my mom was flirting with a guy and referred to me as her ‘mono kid’ in the same tone I’ve heard ultra-conservative folk refer to ‘gay kids,’ so our relationship is a little strained these days,” they said.

“Her other daughter is 12, so I’m really not certain why that comment was anywhere near necessary.”

While they understood their mom’s dating preference, it was clear to them that their mom didn’t feel the same way.

“The mono kid comment was mostly hurtful because the way she said it implied it was some sort of scandal or like it was a bad thing,” they said.

“Obviously, this is one thing that’s bad. She’s not a horrible parent and person overall, but disapproving of some of my life choices just because they’re different from hers is not a great parent move either.

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“No, I was not born into a monogamous relationship, so the comment really came out of left field.”

They added that while their mom’s various partners never exercised any parental control over them, they were granted an amusing title.

“I forgot to mention, while they have never had any authority over me, she refers to her SOs as my ‘rampparents’ because they’re not quite stepparents, which is kind of funny,” they said.

“Ramp-parents is a play on words because they’re not married, so they are not my step-parent, so the ramp is instead of step as in stairs,” they explained.

Ram-parent had never even crossed my mind, but I can never un-think of it, so thanks for that.

Redditor Crazyginger1221

Commenters pointed out the double entendre that both amused and disturbed the original poster.

“Ram-parent had never even crossed my mind, but I can never un-think of it, so thanks for that,” they joked.

Polyamorous Redditors agreed that their mom’s comment was uncalled for, but that her name for her significant others was entertaining.

“I’m poly with a child as well, and I’m absolutely going to see if partners are okay with being called ‘ramp parents,'” said one.

“Sorry to hear your Mom is seemingly disappointed in you for your monogamy.

“That seems so** backward for someone in such an accepting community as Poly.”

“What about your slight incline parents? The rampparents thing is very funny,” said another.

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