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I transformed my boring garden fence using a £2 bargain buy from Asda


IS your tired-looking garden fence looking a little worn down and in desperate need of a makeover?

Well, one savvy woman named Debbie Heaven has been flooded with praise after revealing the genius way she transformed her fence – using nothing but a £2 bargain buy from Asda.

Debbie transformed her wooden garden fence using a bargain buy from Asda


Debbie transformed her wooden garden fence using a bargain buy from AsdaCredit: Facebook
The savvy homeowner snapped up Clematis for under £2 each


The savvy homeowner snapped up Clematis for under £2 eachCredit: Facebook

Taking to Facebook group MRS HINCH GARDENING TIPS, she posted a snap of her bargain buy and penned: “Clematis in Asda for under £2 each.”

Debbie, who is currently documenting building a house over a bungalow on her Instagram page, then shared a second photo of her Clematis once it had been potted in the ground.

And it’s fair to say the results are very impressive, with the stunning climbing flower working its way up and around the fence, giving it a pretty new look altogether.

Flipping ‘eck! That’s amazing well done!

Social media user

According to the The Royal Horticultural Society, Clematis are “easy to grow” and with careful selection, “it’s possible to have flowers through the year.”

The experts advise planting in spring or early to mid autumn and pruning annually according to flowering time.

The online recommendation suggests that climbing types such as Clematis require their roots to be kept cool and moist, and points out that new plants can be made by cuttings, layering or by seed.

Debbie’s initial post has since garnered several likes and comments online, with many super impressed with the way in which the Asda bargain buy has transformed Debbie’s garden.

“Flipping ‘eck! That’s amazing well done!” praised one.

A second noted: “It’s beautiful! I’m hoping mine will look that beautiful!”

“Beautiful – they just take off!! It will double up every year!” a third praised.

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Meanwhile, another knowledgeable social media user commented: “Clematis Montana is easy to grow and virtually pest free.

“It must enjoy the position it is in to grow to that size well done.”

A further added: “What a specimen, it must love that spot!”

And one more chimed in: “Wow great bargain!”

6 Spring Gardening Jobs You Can Do in 60 mins

A gardening pro, or just starting your planting journey? Nigel Lawton, a gardening expert at Dobbies Garden Centres has shared the six jobs you can do to transform your garden in under an hour.

1. Tidy up

Remove dead leaves, neaten beds and borders, remove any seeds and apply a good layer of mulch over the surface with organic peat-free compost. TIME: 60 mins 

2. Design beds and borders

Trim back winter flowering plants where blooms have started to fade. Start by removing any dead, diseased or damaged branches, and get rid of any branches that cross over, Nigel says. 

Then prune summer flowering shrubs like Buddleia, Lavatera and hardy Fuschias to allow room for new growth. As well as encouraging new growth in the plant by removing dead material, pruning will also allow you to control the height and shape of your plants. TIME: 50 mins

3. Create a cosy patio

If you have a patio, transform it into a cosy socialising spot.

Start by giving that a good clean with a jet wash to quickly complete the job in under an hour. You can further liven up the area by adding some garden furniture paired with some cushions, some throws, and an outdoor rug. TIME: 30 mins

4. Refresh pots 

To enjoy instant colour in your garden this spring, Nigel recommends refreshing your pots, hanging baskets, and window boxes with early season flowers for a country garden effect. 

Plant in threes or fives to create a  impactful display with small, medium, and large plants of different heights beside your door. TIME: 15 mins 

5. Lawncare 

Another beginner-friendly task you can do to spruce up your garden is taking care of the lawn by cultivating the soil and making sure the area is level and firm. 

Rake out any moss or dead grass, and apply lawn treatement in late spring. TIME: 15-30 mins

6. Welcome wildlife 

Spring is the perfect time to welcome wildlife into your garden as small animals come out of hibernation and new birds hatch into life. 

To ensure your garden is a safe space for wildlife, Nigel suggests dedicating a small section of your garden to creating a wildlife-friendly habitat with pollinating plants and places for small animals and insects to shelter.

You can create a safe space for them by stacking branches in a shaded spot to help protect them from the elements. All of this can be done in under an hour. TIME: 40 mins

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