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Maupay 'violates Maddison' with X post after Spurs star misses England squad


NEAL MAUPAY has been accused of “violating” James Maddison after he posted a reaction to the star missing out on the England squad.

The former Brentford striker posted a cryptic picture of him smiling in front of a dart board and clutching a trio of arrows in the midst of the news that Maddison would miss the Euros.

Neal Maupay has been accused of trolling James Maddison


Neal Maupay has been accused of trolling James MaddisonCredit: X
It comes after the midfielder was left out of the England squad


It comes after the midfielder was left out of the England squadCredit: Getty
Maupay angered the Spurs team when he mocked Maddison's darts celebration in January


Maupay angered the Spurs team when he mocked Maddison’s darts celebration in JanuaryCredit: AFP

It comes after the duo memorably clashed in January, when Spurs beat Brentford 3-2 at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

After Maupay scored Brentford’s opener, he mimicked Maddison’s darts throwing celebration.

Maddison and Maupay then came together and exchanged heated words after the Frenchman’s darts throwing celebration.

Maddison would go on to have the laugh that day as Spurs won 3-2, and even mocked Maupay after Spurs scored the winner.

The English midfielder then said in an interview afterwards that Maupay “Hasn’t scored enough goals to have his own celebration.”

Maupay then took to Instagram to write: “Went a bit early with that one. Gutted we couldn’t get the win. More goals and less relegations in my career than James Maddison. We go again Monday.”

Maupay, 27, now looks to have re-stoked the fires with his X post in front of the dart board, again referencing Maddison’s trademark celebration.

It comes after Maddison left the England camp yesterday evening after being told by Gareth Southgate he hadn’t made the cut for his 26-man squad.


Reports suggested that he left after being told he would be starting tomorrow’s game with Iceland despite not having a place on the plane to travel to Germany.

Maupay has previously admitted he is “one of the most disliked” players in the league.

Fan bumps into Premier League star Neal Maupay getting fish and chips and supporters are in stitches at his response

It came after Maupay also picked a fight with Manchester City captain Kyle Walker, with a lip reader claiming the forward had mocked the player’s family – although this is denied by Maupay.

In response, Walker threatened to “knock out” the former Brighton and Hove Albion and Everton ace.

In an interview with The Times, Maupay said he plays up to his wind-up reputation.

He said: “People say footballers are boring, then all of a sudden a player does this and everyone goes, ‘Why, Neal?’ ‘He’s the most disliked player.’ Blah blah blah.

“For me, football is a game, it’s entertainment.

“I’m just having fun and, on the pitch, I’m trying to do everything to win.

“If I can say something that puts you off or makes you overthink and make a mistake, I’ll do it.

“People don’t realise how much tension and emotion is involved at the highest level.

“I think it works quite well and if I can get a reaction, great.”

Maupay was also accused of mocking Kyle Walker earlier this season


Maupay was also accused of mocking Kyle Walker earlier this seasonCredit: Getty

He insisted though, that he would never mock anything too personal to a player, including their family life.

Reacting to Maupay’s latest antics on X, one fan wrote: “Violated James Maddison. 😂”

Another added: “Shameless, I’d understand if you were in the French team but 😬”

A third wrote: “You owned him Neal 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣”

While a fourth said: “You can watch the euros together”

A fifth said: “This is turning into Drake vs Kendrick level”

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