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Critics horrified by wedding guest's gown that's 'suspiciously close to white'


CRITICS are up in arms over a wedding guest’s choice of grown for the special occasion.

People say that it’s “suspiciously close to white,” although the dress was meant to be a soft shade of pink.

Redditors are not happy about a wedding guest’s gown that’s ‘suspiciously close to white’


Redditors are not happy about a wedding guest’s gown that’s ‘suspiciously close to white’Credit: r/weddingshaming

Reddit user alexaxelalu shared an image of a woman’s light-colored dress at a wedding who is standing next to the bride.

In the post, it is hard to tell who is who.

The original poster explained that the bride is on the left, and her friend is on the right in the photo.

That exact scenario is what caused a stir online and had critics rushing to the comments.

“Wow, if that’s not the palest pink I’ve ever seen. The bride’s dress is definitely whiter but not by much. But I wonder if it didn’t seem as bad in person?” one commented.

“If I saw someone do that I would pretend I didn’t know the bride well and congratulate them on the wedding,” another Redditor said.

“Then when they point out they are not, in fact, the bride, I’d point out the confusion was due to them also wearing a white dress.”

The other woman was not with the bridal party so the dress she wanted was “all her choice,” according to the Redditor.

She said that she posted the situation not to shame the women but to gauge opinions.

She clarified that they were “friends and not lovers,” in case anyone thought it was an LGBTQ wedding.

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“BFF or not I would not like my friends doing this, and no one else wear a color like this,” they said.

Many Redditors were not a fan of the guest’s choice for the celebratory event.

“Non-brides in colors suspiciously close to white = stolen valor,” one commented.

“Ok THAT is what they mean when they say not to wear white to a wedding!!!” another said.

Some Redditors couldn’t believe the attendee dared to wear the color in the first place.

“What on earth possesses these women? Why? There are so many other colors. I bet this dress comes in a burnished bronze that would look fabulous, or even black. S**t, even pea green!!” one wrote.

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“Damn, she didn’t even attempt to break up her outfit with non-bridal accessories (bright shoulder scarf, bag, shoes, jewelry),” someone else said.

Several people didn’t care at all and didn’t understand why it was such a big deal.

“I once wore something very, very similar to the bridesmaids in a wedding. I did not know what they were wearing,” a woman admitted.

“Same color dress. Thankfully, mine was short and theirs were long. and my jacket was the same color and design as their shawls!”

“The MOH is the one who lent me the dress! Lol, my family is pretty awesome, and no one gave a s**t.”

Most Reddit users were not a fan of the dress but some didn't care (stock image)


Most Reddit users were not a fan of the dress but some didn’t care (stock image)Credit: Getty
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