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Love Island beg producers to send warning Joey over ‘crazy fan’ Sam


LOVE Island fans have begged Joey Essex to “run for the hills” after Towie fan Samantha quizzed him over his celeb life.

On tonight’s show, the pair hit the rocks as they admitted they were unsure where their head was at after a rocky 24 hours.

Fans have begged Joey to 'run for the hills' after Samantha quizzed him on his celeb life


Fans have begged Joey to ‘run for the hills’ after Samantha quizzed him on his celeb lifeCredit: Eroteme
Joey was left concerned about Samantha's interest in his outside lifestyle


Joey was left concerned about Samantha’s interest in his outside lifestyleCredit: ITV

During the episode, Joey mentioned his appearance on The Keith Lemon Show panel, which prompted Samantha to ask him more about his life on the outside.

She asked the star to “name drop” what other celebs appeared on the same episode.

But her questions appeared to leave Joey uncomfortable, with him adamant that he wouldn’t speak about it.

Later on, the duo clashed when Joey said he doesn’t want a woman to be with him just because he’s famous.

Samantha wanted to gain some clarity on her connection with Joey and pulled him for a chat.

The Liverpudlian said: “I’m not being funny or nothing but you are Joey Essex so I know what girls are like, do you know what I mean.

“They’re going to go ‘oh Joey Essex is in there so they’re going to be like, right, let’s get on Joey Essex’.

Unsure what to make of Samantha’s observation, Joey looked bemused as Samantha quipped back: “They are Joe, I’m not stupid.”

Joey then told Samantha: “If someone is with me for that reason, because I’m Joey Essex, that’s not for me, I promise you, that is not for me.”

Samantha asked: “Well what do you think about me, do you think I’m like that?”

Love Island’s Joey Essex adds fuel to producer plants rumours as he’s accused of ‘deliberately causing havoc’

Joey expressed that he doesn’t want to be with a girl who likes his status.

Some fans think producers need to alert Joey to Samantha’s red flags before it goes further.

One wrote: “Joey basically called Samantha a fan girl lmao.”

A second posted: “Samantha is obsessedddddd with the fact that Joey is famous.”

“Samantha trying to warn Joey about gold diggers while she is the gold digger he should be worried about,” a third said.

A fourth commented: “Samantha you’re literally proving ur point and that’s why your being obsessive cause his Joey Essex.”

A fifth echoed: “Samantha acting like she’s also not with Joey just because he’s Joey Essex.”

Another added: “I’ve just clocked joey doesn’t like Samantha, he’s just scared of her.”

Some viewers have branded Samantha a 'fan girl'


Some viewers have branded Samantha a ‘fan girl’Credit: Rex
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