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Love Island fans beg bosses for missing part of show after shock twist revealed


LOVE Island viewers were left frustrated this evening as the episode ended on another dramatic cliffhanger.

In a shock twist, singletons Mimii and Omar were told they could either couple up together or steal someone else.

Mimii and Umar were told they could steal from another couple


Mimii and Umar were told they could steal from another coupleCredit: Eroteme
Uma looked worried that Mimii will take Ayo


Uma looked worried that Mimii will take AyoCredit: Eroteme
Patsy could also end up being stolen


Patsy could also end up being stolenCredit: Eroteme

And after some deliberation, the pair decided to steal – but eager fans will have to wait until tomorrow night to find out who they pick.

Unlike previous series, the episode didn’t end with a preview of what is to come, leaving viewers begging for more and questioning where the helpful segment had gone.

One person asked: “Hello @LoveIsland what happened to TOMORROW NIGHT?”

Another questioned: “Why do the producers keep playing in our face like this…”

While someone else put: “Where is the TOMORROW NIGHT preview???? Ffs.”

And another demanded: “Ian i need you to get into the booth. what happened to TOMORROW NIGHT???.”

Fans are convinced that Mimii will take the opportunity to steal Ayo back from Uma.

But it’s unclear if Omar will go for Uma or Patsy, who he has grown close to.

Love Island’s Joey Essex adds fuel to producer plants rumours as he’s accused of ‘deliberately causing havoc’

Ayo has caused chaos in the villa but telling both Mimii and Uma he wants to get to know them.

During the last game he shocked viewers when he made a beeline for Uma when asked to kiss the girl who was most perfect for him.

Despite his moves, Mimii has made it clear she is still interested in him.

Ayo tried to explain why he kissed Uma, telling Mimii:  “That situation with Uma, in a couple with the girl and naturally in a couple, I am in a situation to get to know the girl more, so I am going to explore that.”

Mimii replied: “For me, I am just like let me take a step back and remove myself from the situation because every time I look at you I just want to give you a hug.”

Ayo was quick to encourage her to do that if she wants, but she replied:  “I don’t think it is my place to do that.”

Mimii looks set to get Ayo back


Mimii looks set to get Ayo backCredit: Eroteme
Fans aren't sure who Omar will pick


Fans aren’t sure who Omar will pickCredit: Eroteme

He continued: “I haven’t told nobody in this building that I am closed off. I still enjoy you and your company.”

Sensing things could go wrong, Mimii told him: “Somebody is going to get hurt, it is going to be a triangle. I don’t do that. I know my worth, I know what I bring to the table. So if you would rather go there, that is fine.”

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  • Sam Taylor – Hairdresser Sam Taylor was first to go after Joey Essex stole his girl.
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