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Emmerdale fans demand teenager is killed off after vile betrayal is exposed


EMMERDALE fans want Samson Dingle killed off after he doubled-down on his lies and had a desperate Moira Dingle arrested.

The teenager villain – who is played by actor Sam Hall in the ITV soap – lied about the circumstances of his stabbing, falsely accusing his cousin Matty Barton of the crime, leading to Matty being imprisoned.

Emmerdale viewers want Samson killed off


Emmerdale viewers want Samson killed offCredit: ITV
Moira took drastic action tonight - and paid for it by being arrested


Moira took drastic action tonight – and paid for it by being arrestedCredit: ITV

With Matty being trans, he’s been left terrified of the abuse in prison and took drastic action getting himself beaten up so he would be taken to hospital.

That forced his mum Moira into action, determined to save him by forcing Samson to tell the truth.

She her brother Mackenzie gently kidnapped Samson before forcing him to listen to the pain Matty has been through – and that his lies are making worse. 

In the end they appeared to get through to him and he confessed the truth and agreed to speak to the police.

As they pulled up to the police station, Samson told Moira: “I really am sorry, you know. 

“I should’ve stood up to Josh and stopped any of this happening, but you’re right, I really am a coward.”

Moira reassured him that he was doing the right thing and told him not to worry about Josh – if he tried anything Cain would be there to stop him.

But as she attempted to go in with him, Samson stopped her, insisting it was his mess and he was going to clear it up himself.

“Samson,” Moira called after him. “I won’t forget this. You’re saving Matty’s life.”

However that’s not how it played out.

Samson Dingle watched as Matty Barton is arrested in Emmerdale

Instead by the end of the episode Moira was disappointed when PC Swirling turned up and told her Samson had made a very serious allegation against her and Mackenzie.

“Moira Dingle, Mackenzie Boyd,” he said.

“I’m arresting you both on suspicion of kidnapping and false imprisonment. “You do not have to say anything. 

“But, it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”

However Samson’s further lies have left fans desperate for him to be killed off.

One wrote: “[Samson] needs to be murdered more than any Emmerdale character ever has.”


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A second said: “Are they trying to make us hate Samson? Because I want him dead at this point.”

Another added: “The sooner this story wrapped up the better, Samson and Josh Shan’t be missed .. goodbye and good riddance to them both.”

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