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I was trolled for demanding free seats for big people – now I’ve got new demands


A PLUS-SIZE influencer who first went viral for demanding extra free seats for big fliers has now issued a new demand.

Jaelynn Chaney, 27, uploaded a TikTok clip from Hawaii where she called for public pools to feature handrails to ensure inclusivity for all swimmers.

The 27-year-old took to TikTok to call for all public pools to come with a handrail


The 27-year-old took to TikTok to call for all public pools to come with a handrailCredit: tiktok/@jaebaeofficial
The Canadian, who is a size 6XL, has previously demanded ride share companies to offer free seatbelt extenders


The Canadian, who is a size 6XL, has previously demanded ride share companies to offer free seatbelt extendersCredit: tiktok/@jaebaeofficial

”Accessibility isn’t optional,” said the voiceover over the video as the travelling enthusiast was seen entering and exiting a pool, aided by a handrail.

The 27-year-old, who also wants hotels to make their hallways wider, added: ”Without handrails, we’re excluding so many from enjoying pools safely.”

Calling for change, the plus-size influencer went on: ”It’s time to ensure everyone can swim with confidence…. Demand accessibility for all.”

Since being shared on the page, the video – which also saw Jaelynn show off her figure in a bikini – has racked up close to 50k views.

However, the star, who’s embarked on a mission to help ”plus-size people explore the world confidently”, has switched the comments off.

The young woman, whose TikTok page, @jaebaeofficial, has amassed her almost 140k followers, has previously claimed that God has tasked her with being the voice of bigger people.

The Canadian, from Vancouver, is a size 6XL and often uses her platform to call for change, as well as to broadcast the alleged discrimination she faces as a larger woman.

Some of her most recent antics include urging Uber drivers and other rideshare companies to make seatbelt extenders available for plus-size passengers.

She explained the struggle: ”Every time I use a ride share, I’m forced to go without a seatbelt because no belt extenders are available.

”This is a common issue for many plus-size individuals.”

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The woman argued that this was more than just an inconvenience – riding with a smaller belt was also ”unsafe”.

Taking to social media, she said: ”It should be mandator for ride shares to provide at least one seatbelt extender per vehicle.”

Illustrating her point, the plus-size influencer also revealed that she always brings a universal seatbelt extender with her when popping into a car – however, sometimes, despite being advertised as ”universal”, they don’t work.

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She vented: ”Companies should reimburse drivers for the cost, which averages around $20 [£16].

”If each driver carried at least one seatbelt extender specifically fitted for their vehicle, this problem could be eliminated.

”Safety for all sizes SHOULD NOT be optional. Agree?”

The influencer’s petition to get the FAA to mandate airlines to provide free seats to fat fliers has since surpassed 39,000 – however, she’s also faced criticism and backlash for the demands.

The 27-year-old gained over 7st in 2019 after she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), pulmonary hypertension and high blood pressure in the blood vessels connected to the lungs.

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