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People with big hands get unexpected Samsung Galaxy Ring perk at no extra cost


SAMSUNG Galaxy Ring buyers who have bigger fingers will quite literally have the upper hand when the device is released later this month.

An unexpected bonus perk has been revealed, reserved for the two largest sizes of the new smart gadget.

Samsung's new smart ring is on sale from July 24


Samsung’s new smart ring is on sale from July 24Credit: Alamy

Samsung officially launched the Galaxy Ring on Wednesday with a host of sleep and health tracking features.

One of the star announcements was that the wearable will have up to seven days battery on a single charge – considerably more than most smartwatches on the market.

It’s now emerged that only the larger sizes will be able to reach that peak.

These will also weigh a little more but they’ll all cost the same at £399 / $399.

And there’s nine sizes of the Samsung Galaxy Ring available to buy.

These are based on US standard sizes but Samsung says they are slightly different from that of regular rings and is recommending customers try their free sizing kit before ordering.

The two biggest sizes, size 12 and size 13, will support up to seven days of battery.

This is because they can fit larger batteries on them.

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And as a result, they’re both the heaviest at 3g.

The other sizes – 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 – will have a smaller battery that lasts up to six days.

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Exact weights for each size below 11 vary.

Here’s a full list of the available sizes and weights:

  • Size 5 – 2.3g
  • Size 6 – 2.4g
  • Size 7 – 2.4g
  • Size 8 – 2.6g
  • Size 9 – 2.7g
  • Size 10 – 2.8g
  • Size 11 – 3g
  • Size 12 – 3g
  • Size 13 – 3g

The size of the accompanying charging case will also differ for each too.

Samsung urges people to wear the sample ring for more than 24 hours to get a real feel for the device so you get the perfect fit, day and night.

There are three bumps on the inner part of the ring which is where the sensors are located on the real Galaxy Ring.

These need to be turned to face toward the palm of your hand.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Key facts

  • Available in nine sizes
  • Three colours: black, gold and silver
  • Works with Android smartphones and not iPhone
  • Titanium grade 5
  • IP68 rating – protected from water and dust
  • Battery lasts up to seven days off a single charge
  • No subscription to access data required
  • Costs £399 / $399
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