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Don’t you dare marry that man!’ bride warned after fiancé’s wedding dress rant


WELL-INTENTIONED viewers warned a bride to run after her fiance’s tirade over her wedding dress.

Many agreed that he simply wasn’t the right fit for her.

A bride opened up about her wedding dress fiasco that caused a rift between her and her fiance (stock photo)


A bride opened up about her wedding dress fiasco that caused a rift between her and her fiance (stock photo)Credit: Getty

Redditor Capital_Manager_7070 shared the wedding dilemma in a post.

She explained that her six year relationship was tested when her sister-in-law gave her a “wedding gift.”

“My mother’s wedding dress has been passed down for generations and I remember being a little girl dreaming of walking down the aisle in it,” she explained.

“We have recently been wedding planning and we were invited to a dinner hosted by my fiance’s family that was on Sunday.”

In the middle of the meal, her sister-in-law rose up and tapped her spoon against her glass to make a toast.

“She then said she would be right back before going into another room and returning with a large plastic bag,” she said.

“Everyone seemed to be excited but I just felt confused. I awkwardly smiled as I asked SIL what was inside the bag. She opened it up to reveal her wedding dress from her wedding, which was two years ago.”

While everyone at dinner seemed thrilled, the bride was left feeling uneasy.

“Everyone began clapping as SIL announced that this was her official wedding gift to us and she wanted to me to wear her dress at the wedding,” she said.

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“I tried to smile but I guess I didn’t do a good job of hiding my disappointment and everyone began asking me what was wrong. 

“I tried to explain how I wanted to wear my mother’s dress and that it was nothing personal, but that I refused to wear my SIL’s dress. My SIL began crying as my in-laws began tearing into me and comforting her. I just burst into tears and ran outside.”

She was shocked when her fiance “didn’t even come after me,” and after “crying my eyes out on the steps for what felt like hours,” he finally emerged — only to yell at her to get into the car.

“I was so confused, but I got into the car just to hear him berate me on how I had made such a big scene and embarrassed him infront of his family,” she said.

Everyone seemed to be excited but I just felt confused. I awkwardly smiled as I asked SIL what was inside the bag.

Redditor Capital_Manager_7070

“He sounded so mad and he even said he couldn’t believe he chose to marry such a “b***hy c**t” (his exact words).

“My fiance also said how SIL was just trying to be nice and that her dress was more modern compared to my mother’s dress which looked like an ‘old rag’ (also his exact words).

“I tried to tell him how much my mothers wedding dress meant to me because I promised her that I would wear it.”

She shared her suspicions that her fiance’s family had planned the gift, expecting to put her on the spot.

“I don’t think I did anything wrong but a part of me thinks I should have just gone along with it and then told SIL in private that I wouldn’t be wearing the dress,” she said.

Viewers warned her against proceeding with the ceremony but their reason, they said, had nothing to do with the dress.

“Return SIL’s dress. Return your ring,” said one commenter.

“Don’t you dare marry that man!” said another.

“This is the only comment you need to read OP. Run!” said a third.

“Ma’am, you need to leave that whole family behind including your fiance Definitely not the a**hole. You just had a peek into your future if you carry on with this relationship,” agreed one commenter.

Many felt that she should save her mom’s precious wedding dress for a worthy occasion.

“OP, Do NOT waste your mama’s wedding dress on this man. He doesn’t deserve it,” wrote one viewer.

“This! OP is not at fault, and it’s fortunate that he showed his actual self before getting hitched,” agreed another.

“This allows you to see exactly what your future with him could hold. Run.”

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