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8 weekend cooking projects if you want a kitchen challenge

Especially on busy weekdays, getting food on the table can feel like just another item on a checklist. You do it because you have to, preferably as quickly and tasty as possible. If you’re lucky, the weekend offers some breathing room and a chance to stick around in the kitchen, should that be your idea of ​​a good time.

Whether you want something sweet or savory, or feel like frying or baking, these cooking project recipes from our archives are great options for a day or two.

Goon Mandu (Korean Fried Dumplings). This is a recipe that is particularly suitable for a group, where people can play to their strengths in tasks such as making the filling, filling the wrappers, and baking the dumplings.

Aushak (Afghan Leek Dumplings With Yogurt And Meat Sauce). Here’s a totally different take on dumplings, which are cooked and then topped with a fragrant meat sauce.

Chiles and Nogada. To represent the colors of the Mexican flag, this patriotic dish features green poblano peppers, red pomegranate seeds, and a white walnut sauce.

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best of bagels. Start a batch of these favorite bagels on Saturday and finish them the next day for a satisfying Sunday brunch.

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Rainbow Sprinkle Birthday Cake. The next time a weekend birthday party — or any other celebration — is rolling around, consider this festive and nostalgic dessert. For more fantastic layer cakes, check out Red Velvet Cake With Cream Cheese Glaze, Carrot Cake With Brown Butter-Cream Cheese Glaze, Triple coconut cake and German chocolate cake.

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Fresh egg pasta for lasagna. You can use this pasta dough for ravioli, pappardelle and other shapes, but if you really want to bond, make the sheets and then one of these lasagna recipes: Lasagna in Abruzzo style with meat sauce and mini meatballs, Lasagna al Pesto and Lasagna with roasted mushrooms and chard.

Classic Ragu Bolognese. As the cooler weather creeps up on us, you can’t get much more aromatic and sociable than an Italian Bolognese bubbling on the stove. Combine with fresh pasta from the above recipe!

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Anthony Bourdain’s Boeuf Bourguignon. It takes a few hours, preferably on a cold day, to fully appreciate it, to make one of our most popular recipes ever.

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