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A visual guide for the history-writing freshman class of Congress

About this story

The analysis in this story is based on the data available on the new freshman congressional class at the time of publication. Several close House races and one Senate race went unannounced.

Four freshmen elected already served in Congress. We’ve included two of them as new members because they won a special election last year and this was the first general election they won for their seats. Representatives Mike Carey (Ohio) and Brad Finstad (Minn.) were elected in special elections in November 2021 and August 2022, respectively, and re-elected to full terms in November. The other TWO, Representatives Ted Budd (NC) and Markwayne Mullin (Okla.), are members of the House who are now entering the Senate. A fifth freshman elect, Ryan Zinke, served in Montana’s at-large House seat from 2015 to 2017, winning election this year for the state’s newly created 1st Congressional District.

Design editors by Madison Walls and Junne Alcantara. Edited by Sarah Frostenson and Kainaz Amaria. Fact-checking by Justine McDaniel and Andrea Salcedo. Photo editing by Agnes Lee. Photo research by Jakob Bowen, Travis Chase, Claire Healy and Lucas Trevor.

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