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Aisha Sharma in bathing suit is “tanning”

Actress Aisha Sharma spends time in Dubai. She just posted a new vacation photo and a video on her Instagram. In it, she waded and went for a swim in her hotel’s pool. Sharma wore a navy blue bikini with light blue flowers on it. She captioned the post: “Tanning & crushing on me is not good for your health, but we do it anyway.” How does she stay so fit? Read on for 5 ways Aisha Sharma stays in shape and the photos that prove they work — and to get beach-ready yourself, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrities in Swimsuits Ever!

Sharma revealed her health and fitness secrets to openingdoorz.com. She says she makes sure she exercises regularly. “The key to any fitness regimen is consistency. There’s no point in working hard for one day and then taking a break for two days. Stick to something (no matter how small) every day. Results happen when you’re consistent. “

Sharma revealed some of her favorite workouts to Openingdoorz.com. “I like cycling,” she says. “I use my bike to go to the gym, or give my dog ​​a ride on it. It’s amazing what great and fun cardio it can be. It’s also something I discovered and started doing during lockdown because the gyms were closed and the roads were empty!”

Sharma makes recovery from her workouts a priority. She tells Openingdoorz.com, “Stretching and recovery is another underrated aspect of fitness. It’s important to make time for stretching and recovery (using a foam roller or massage gun, tennis ball, yoga strap, or whatever you can ). A well-rested body can push itself to the limit without causing injuries.”

Sharma eats healthy. She revealed her approach to food to Openingdoorz.com. “I don’t believe in crash diets or other diets,” says Sharma. “I believe in eating right. What you eat is more important than how hard or often you exercise. Your eating habit is key. I try to eat my dinner by 8 p.m. Eating early can help a lot. For me too, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets the tone for the rest of your day.”

One thing Sharma does to stay in shape is practice yoga. She posts many videos on Instagram of her doing yoga. Sharma installed this videocaption, “Yoga is a metaphor for life. You have to do it very slowly, you can’t rush. You cannot move to the next position. You just need to breathe and let go ~Madonna. On beautiful yoga mornings with @joanna.michelle.11. To breathe and let go.”

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