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Anwar named Malaysian leader, in comeback for anti-graft reformer after prison


SINGAPORE – The wait is over. And it’s a comeback.

Nearly a week after Malaysia’s general election resulted in a hung parliament, longtime opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim appears to have gained enough support from disparate parties to form a government, averting the rise of more conservative political forces – at least for the time being.

Anwar’s appointment as prime minister on Thursday has temporarily ended a chaotic election season that saw the fall of a political titan, surprise gains from a far-right Islamist party and endless power struggles between supposed allies, largely triggered by the conviction of a disgraced ex -Prime Minister.

After considering the views of state rulers, the king has approved Anwar’s appointment as Malaysia’s 10th prime minister, the Istana Negara, the seat of the Malaysian king, said in a statement. In Malaysia, a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy, the king formally appoints the head of government.

The announcement marks a dramatic comeback for 75-year-old Anwar, who has spent decades striving to reach the country’s top political post while serving two prison terms for sodomy and corruption – convictions he says were politically motivated. goods.

Anwar’s multi-ethnic reformist coalition Pakatan Harapan, or Alliance of Hope, won 82 seats after last week’s election, several dozen seats short of the 112 they needed to form a simple majority. They have raced against Perikatan Nasional, a 73-seat right-wing national coalition, to rally allies and convince voters – as well as monarch Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah – that they have a mandate to form the country’s next government.

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