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Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai Fame Shubhangi Atre Recalls The Camera Lens Broke After Her First Shot: “I Was Very Embarrassed And Stressed”

When Shubhangi gave Atre her first shot as Angoori bhabhi, the camera lens broke! (Photo Credit – Episode Still)

‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’ actress Shubhangi Atre recalled the first day of the shoot on the sets and how she was embarrassed when the camera lens was broken when she gave her first shot as Angoori bhabhi. She also shared how veteran singer Asha Bhosle praised Shubhangi for her role in the show.

She recalled, “The memory of my first day and the first scene at the shoot is still fresh. When I took the first shot as Angoori, the camera lens broke. At first I was very embarrassed and stressed, and my reaction was, ‘Oh! my god, what just happened?’ But then the whole cast and crew applauded, which was a huge surprise.”

“They said: ‘a broken camera lens is a good omen and a good start, you’ll go far!’. I was so relieved and felt so good about that gesture and statement. It really made my day and it is one of my fondest memories of my day at the shoot,” said Shubhangi Atre.

Being part of the show for so long and playing Angoori bhabhi, Shubhangi Atre said that this role brought her a lot of fame.

“Choosing to write Angoori’s character was a dream come true. I remember attending an awards show where someone told me about that legendary singer Ash Bhosle Ji, also present at the event, was looking for me. I met her and she complimented me by saying, ‘I watch your show and love your portrayal of Angoori.’ She added that “it seems like the character was tailor-made for me as I fit the role perfectly.” There can’t be a better Angoori than me. And I’m one of her favorite characters on the show.” I was in seventh heaven when I heard such beautiful words from a legend and was completely amazed.”

Do Shubhangi relate to her character? she said, “I also spend most of my time in the kitchen at home and have a very welcoming personality.”

‘Bhabiji Ghar Pai Hai’ airs on &TV.

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