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Bigg Boss 16 Evicted contestant Tina Datta’s fan writes her name on his hand, love for the actress is immense!

Tina Datta’s fan cuts a permanent tattoo on hand, love for the Uttaran actress on Bigg Boss is immense (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Bigg Boss season 16 contestant Tina Datta’s following has only increased after her prominent stint on the reality show.

The Uttaran actress who finally started the show after being approached years before, managed to attract a lot of attention for her fiery personality in the show.

Bringing an already built up fan base to the show and building additional fans for herself due to a game well played, Tina Datta proved to be a much sought after contestant on the show.

Tina Datta's fan cuts a permanent tattoo on hand, love for the Uttaran actress on Bigg Boss is immense

From top trends to huge voices this season, Tina Datta’s fans haven’t shied away from openly supporting the actress throughout her journey.

A young fan of Tina Datta even went out of his way to show the actress unconditional love and support by tattooing a permanent tattoo on his arm in the name of the actress.

This kind of love and support for Tina Datta is absolutely overwhelming! Her fans have really kept their word to support her in this and take her further big boss trip.

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