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BiP’s Johnny Reacts To Victoria And Greg’s Relationship: I Had ‘Suspicions’

Johnny DePhillipo, Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo. ABC/Stewart Cook (2); Thanks to Greg Grippo/Instagram

As Victoria Fuller gushes about her new man, Greg Grippoex fiancé Johnny DePhilippo shares his side of the story.

“It was stupid, sure. It just made me believe that everything she said didn’t make sense anymore, and I had my suspicions and thought there was always something going on,” Johnny, 26, told Exclusive Us weekly at the Bachelor in Paradise Tastemaker Event after the reunion filming. “And then you just think, ‘When did it start?’ It’s a weird feeling.”

According to Victoria, 29, the couple split less than a month after they got engaged in Mexico. “There was an opportunity for us to possibly work towards something. Breakups are confusing, right? I mean, we all know that. I’d be crazy to say I cut off communication completely,” she shared U.S. “We ended our engagement three weeks later and soon after we were all set.”

However, Johnny claimed that in October they were “in couples counseling before going to Italy” with Greg, 29, “but we had officially broken up by mid-September.”

BiP Johnny DePhillipo responds to Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo's relationship

Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller ABC/Craig Sjodin

Victoria and Greg – who did not appear BiP – met at Governor’s Ball in 2021. They later reconnected at a party with fellow Bachelor Nation members.

“I was not present at the party. I just know that everything changed after that day,” shared Johnny U.Sadding that he doesn’t know if he believes his ex when she says she didn’t cheat.

The Bachelorette season 19 alum added that the exes “came out paradise on the wrong foot,” explains, “And we ended up just fighting a lot and we just had a lot of disagreements and I think we missed each other. I think we were on two different levels, so I want to say [the] most of that was why we broke up. And then I think that whole other person came into her life and it was, like it just convinced why we shouldn’t work on things, but for the most part it was pretty mutual.

He concluded that he got “closure” when “everything became public” between Victoria and Greg. (After they were caught together on their aforementioned trip to Italy last month, she kissed him in a TikTok shared by Nick Viall in November. Victoria then told U.S that he might move to Nashville for her.)

“I think that put everything to bed for me and I stopped wondering and doubting. That was my closure’, concluded Johnny. “So I’m glad we got to talk and I’m glad I got to wish her well because that’s all I really want.”

With reporting by Hannah Kahn

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