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Cat and Casper! Christina Ricci Responds to Devon Sawa Calling Her a ‘Star’

Christina Ricci and Devon Sawa. David Fisher/Shutterstock; NINA PROMMER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Roberta and Scott Wormer forever. Devon Sawa has nothing but love for his former 90s costar Christina Riccia — and she’s now responding to a sweet comment he made about her after the 2022 Emmys.

Cast ‘Casper’: Where Are They Now?

Last month, the Chucky actor, 44, gushed about Ricci, 42, after attending the awards ceremony with her Yellow jackets form. The Showtime series earned seven nominations at the event, including Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series.

“I have to smile when I see how well she’s doing. What a star,” Sawa wrote in an Instagram photo of her on Sept. 13.

“I have seen that!” the Wednesday actress told exclusively Us Weekly while promoting her latest collaboration with Stella & Chewy’s. “But I don’t have Twitter, so I couldn’t comment on it.”

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She added: “I saw it when the news picked it up and I thought that was so sweet and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I wish I had Twitter so I could.'”

Cast 'Casper': Where Are They Now?

Christina Ricci. Amblin/Cobal/Shutterstock; David Fisher/Shutterstock

Ricci and Sawa starred in two much-loved films as young actors, first in 1995 Casper, where Sawa portrayed the friendly ghost and Ricci as the new householder Kat Harvey. They were going to play Roberta and Scott Wormer in the coming-of-age dramatic comedy Occasionally that same year.

The Final destination star joked about his character (“Scott Wormer is now in jail”) in an interview with U.S in 2017.

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“I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think Christina introduced me to it and I auditioned and re-taped myself and a few weeks later I was in Atlanta, Georgia, recording it. I think Christina put in a good word for me before the audition,” he said about ” Occasionally. “Pulp Fiction came out that summer and while we were filming it [Christina and I] went and saw it four, five, six times. I remember demi [Moore] was a producer on it so she was there all the time and she let me talk Bruce Willis once on the phone. They had one of those old-fashioned cell phones on set. It was Bruce Willis on the line! It was great.” (Sawa was set to star this year) Gasoline Alley with Willis, 67.)

Occasionally also with star Torah Berk (Teeny), the late Ashleigh Aston Moore (Chrissy) and Gaby Hoffmann (Samantha).

Cast 'Casper': Where Are They Now?

Devon Sawa. YouTube; Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock

“I was in love with all the girls,” said Sawa U.S at the time. “I was in love with Gaby, I was in love with Christina – all the girls. I was the only man on set. It was a great summer.”

More than two decades later, both Ricci and Sawa continued to add impressive projects to their resumes. For the actress, “there are all kinds of different movies” that she “would love to make”, admitting that she thinks “besides film and television there is no other medium for me to tell you the truth.”

Nostalgia from the 90s

“It’s hard. I mean, there are so many positives to both genres and a few negatives,” she explained to… U.S. “I like doing TV because then you can spend a little more time with the character, and if you like the character, that’s fantastic and wonderful. And then I also like movies because you have this beginning and ending and a really deep understanding of who you’re playing. And that is a kind of warm safety blanket, but TV is not like that. I am now growing and learning and changing and developing new muscles. And I like TV that even at my age, if I’ve been doing this for 35 years, it forces me to grow and develop new skills.”

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