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Checking in! Any star who wants to join the cast of ‘White Lotus’

Ready for vacation! The White Lotus has been a critical darling since premiering in 2021 – and Betty Midler is a star of many who would check into the fictional hotel in a “New York minute.”

“It’s a big broadcast. [Series creator] Mike White pokes fun at the worst kind of people, the truly entitled and wealthy who behave badly. Everyone likes to see them get what they deserve. I enjoy that immensely,” he said First Women’s Club star told Variety in an interview in February 2023. “It is the great saga of the haves and the have-nots, which is eternal. I tend to look at the things that – I don’t want to say hopeful – but I like to laugh. I like to laugh, but there’s just not enough laughter. So I really look for the things that make me laugh.

The White Lotus premiered on HBO in July 2021 and acts as a satirical anthology series. The show follows guests and employees over a week during their stay at a fictional resort chain as they unleash their worst, most privileged impulses. The first two seasons, set in Hawaii and Sicily respectively, were critically acclaimed writing and performing, taking home a total of 11 Emmys and countless other awards.

In November 2022, the show was renewed for a third season. After the season 2 finale the following month, White shared on HBO Max’s Unpack S2 E7 special that the next episode can take place in Asia and will focus on ‘death and Eastern religion and spirituality’.

“The first season emphasized money, and the second season is sex,” he explained. “I think maybe the third season would be a satirical and funny take on death and eastern religion and spirituality. It feels like it could be a rich tapestry to do another round at White Lotus.

Because of his overwhelming critical success and undeniable popularity, celebrities have spoken out about wanting a chance to join the cast in future seasons. Hayden Panettiere told E! News in March 2023 that booking a role on the show was at the top of her to-do list after returning to the acting world for Scream VI.

“I want to do it so badly,” she gushed. “I want to do it like Tom Cruise jump up [a] bank bad.”

When it came to how she could see herself fitting into the White Lotus universe, the Nashville alum quoted Jennifer Coolidge breakout character, Tanya McQuoid – a role that the Legally blonde star multiple Emmys, Critics Choice Awards and a Golden Globe – as her way into the herd.

“She’s my favorite, I love her,” Panettiere shared at the time. “I’ll be everything to her – purse keeper, shoe shiner, I’ll be her guardian angel, I’ll be her long-lost child.” I’ll be what she wants me to be. (Coolidge’s character was found dead in the ocean during the Season 2 finale, but was one of only two actors to be brought back for both episodes.)

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