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Christian Bale before becoming Batman almost sacked Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Jack’ in Titanic, but here he ‘sucked’ at it!

Did you know? ‘Batman’ Christian Bale almost took Jack Dawson from Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, but here’s what went wrong! (Photo credit – Wikipedia; Titanic poster)

James Cameron’s American epic romance and disaster film Titanic, released in 1997, is considered one of the Hollywood classics. Leonardo DiCaprio, who played the role of Jack Dawson, immediately became famous due to the international success of the film. But did you know that Christian Bale could also have played the role?

Bale is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. He has played a plethora of iconic roles in his career such as Batman from The Dark Knight trilogy, Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, Alfred Borden from The Prestige and many more.

Titanic’s Jack Dawson could have also been credited with Christian Bale, but Leonardo DiCaprio was cast in it as we know it today. Bale even auditioned for the part. He even revealed what went wrong once.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Bale and Scott Cooper dropped in for a chat, somewhere in their conversations the topic of the $2.2 billion make Titanic. Bale dubbed the film during the interview and Cooper interrupted and asked, “Didn’t you audition for that?”

Christian Bale then replied: “I wasn’t going to get into that, but yeah… I’m really bad at auditions. I’m horrible. I’ve never been good at it… I can’t do them. They cannot be compared to work. They are not related in the least.”

Even though Leonardo DiCaprio played the convincing role of Jack Dawson in Titanic, we wondered how it would be different to see Bale play the role, given that he’s a great actor who goes above and beyond to get the role right. to get. It would certainly be a different experience to see him play the iconic role on the big screen.

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