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Coke Studio Bharat celebrates the new voice of India

Coke Studio Bharat celebrates the new voice of India

Following the overwhelming success of Coke Studio worldwide, Coca-Cola today announces the launch of ‘Coke Studio Bharat’ in Mumbai. The season is an amalgamation of more than 50 artists from across the country who have come together to create more than 10 memorable songs that celebrate Bharat’s roots.

The Indian music industry is going through a revolution and Gen Z is leading the change. Today, the young people are looking for authenticity, more freedom of expression and openness to immerse themselves in different forms of music that are unique, diverse yet meaningful. In this season of Coke Studio, emerging artists from India’s hinterlands and seasoned artists come together to bring their own unique voice to the tracks.

Coke Studio Bharat: ‘Apna Sunao’ is humbled to be a channel to give the unique voices of these talented artists a stage to tell the story of Bharat which is rooted in culture yet embraces the new music of today. The platform will host music that pays homage to the different parts of India that artists call home, connecting with stories rich in history, with different languages, and using varied musical instruments that create magical melodies that are captivating.

Today, Indian artists proudly tell their stories, with voices that are not only authentic and truly regional, but loved by fans worldwide. ‘Apna Sunao’ celebrates exactly this spirit of the new India and is built on this original and independent freedom of expression.

Arnab Roy, Vice President, Marketing Coca-Cola India, and Southwest Asia said, “A globally acclaimed platform, Coke Studio has always strived to celebrate authentic regional music. Musical traditions from multiple regions of India are at a turning point not only in India but even worldwide. Coke Studio Bharat connects the truly different cultural dots of different regions in the country with artists whose music is defined by their roots. They are the real stars of the season and give regional music a bigger boost.”

Piyush Pandey, Chairman of Global Creative and Executive Chairman of Ogilvy India congratulated the Coke Studio Bharat team and said, “Coke Studio Bharat is a fantastic endeavor to make India’s rich musical and cultural diversity seamless and beautiful. It reminds me of the magic of “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” in the late 80’s where I had the privilege of being part of the creative team. The magic of multiple languages ​​and the change of instrumentation, vocals and people created an iconic piece. Today is an opportunity to take the classical to the ‘massive’ level where the masses around the world can enjoy the magic of Indian music. It is music from the ‘heart of India, from every part of India’. Bravo, Coca Cola India.”

This season of Coke studio is curated by acclaimed, award-winning musician and in-demand songwriter, Ankur Tewari. Breathing magic into ‘Apna Sunao’, Ankur has enlisted a think-tank consisting of acclaimed poet, lyricist and screenwriter Kausar Munir along with award-winning sound engineer and music producer KJ Singh. Together they have chosen regional gems to give their sound a new voice.

The current season features celebrated artists and musicians such as Amira Gill, Achint, Aditya Gadhvi, Arijit Datta, Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash, Ashima Mahajan, Armaan Malik, Bombay Brass, Burrah, Charan Raj, Deveshi Sahgal, Dhruv Vishwanath, Diljit Dosanjh, Donn Bhatt, Hashbass, Jasleen Royal, Kanwar Grewal, Mahan Sehgal, Mansa Pandey, Maithili Thakur & Brothers, Mohammad Muneem, Noor Mohammad, OAFF & Savera, Osho Jain, Prabhdeep, Rashmeet Kaur, Seedhe Maut, Sakur Khan & Sons, Sanjith Hegde, Shillong Chamber Choir, Tajdar Junaid and many others in a canvas of diversity, showcasing authentic and unique sounds that will unite fans across the country. The season will also highlight regional Indian instruments such as Algozha, Chimta, Duff, Sarod, Sarangi, Tumbi and Rabaab.

Coca-Cola has teamed up with Universal Music India (UMI) as executive producers for Coke Studio Bharat’s launch season. Speaking about the association, Devraj Sanyal, MD and CEO, Universal Music India, India & South Asia shares: “It is a great honor to be an important part of the Coke Studio phenomenon for any music company, but to be there from the very beginning to be involved. to finish, including spreading our brand “Bharat” music to not only our country but to the global streamscape is something I am very proud of. The trifecta of team Coca-Cola, Ankur Tewari and my team came together with our creators in a way I’ve rarely seen, to make way for some of the best folk and fusion music in a new age Bharat sound I’ve ever seen. I heard. Today more than ever, music has no language or genre. It bravely crosses borders around the world and it is our shared dream that we can make that happen in the first season of Coke Studio Bharat.”

Listeners can tune in to Coke Studio Bharat on all audio OTT platforms including Spotify, Gaana, Saavn, Wynk Music and Audible worldwide, with distribution managed by UMI. By bringing Ankur Tewari’s vision for “Apna Sunao” to life, UMI Misfits Inc. engaged for the audio production and Colosceum Media for the video production. The first issue of the season will be released on February 7, 2023. Join the celebration by scanning the QR code on a Coca-Cola package to go directly to the special Coke Studio Hub which features exclusive content created by the artists, along with behind the scenes footage. Scanning the package also allows audiences to view the 360-degree view of select songs, virtually transporting audiences through Coke Studio’s sets via their mobile phones. Coke Studio invites consumers to share their own renditions of their favorite Coke Studio Bharat songs to be amplified across the country.

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