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DC Area Forecast: Good weather all week except Thursday

A somewhat subjective assessment of that day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

9/10: Aside from the morning chill, pretty close to perfection.

  • Today: Mainly sunny. Highlights: 64 to 68.
  • This evening: Bright, cool. Lows: 37 to 46.
  • Tomorrow: Mainly sunny. Highlights: almost 70.

Except for that five-day stretch of cold, gloomy rain last week, we’ve had a wonderful fall and we’ll continue it this week. While on the cool side of normal, peaks reach the 60s to nearly 70s most days with plenty of sunshine. We have one chance of rain this week, and then a cold front will come through Thursday.

Today (Monday): It is cold when you get up and go outside, and it can freeze in our outer areas. But it’s a beautiful afternoon, with peaks in the mid-60s and winds from the northwest around 5 to 10 mph. Confidence: High

This evening: Like the last two nights, it’s clear and quite bright. The lows range from the higher 1930s in our colder regions to the mid-40s in the center. Calm breeze. Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): This is a candidate for a perfect 10 out of 10. We have abundant sunshine, a light breeze from the south (about 8 mph) and maximums around 70. Confidence: High

Tomorrow evening: Mostly clear and cool, but not as cold as the previous nights. Lows range from the low 40 in our colder regions to nearly 50 in the center. A very light breeze comes from the south. Confidence: High

We still have a few clouds on Wednesday, but it is still at least partly sunny and quite pleasant. Highs are back to almost 70. Increasing clouds Wednesday night with perhaps a brief shower or drizzle and milder lows in the 50s. Confidence: Medium-High

Showers are likely Thursday, especially in the afternoon when it can also get a bit windy. Highlights should usually be in the mid to upper 60s. Clear, windy and cooler Thursday night with lows of 45 to 50. Confidence: Medium

The trajectory of Friday through the weekend looks pretty good. While Friday may be windless with scattered clouds, skies will be mostly sunny over the weekend. Highs range from 60 to 65 on Friday and moderate to mid to over 60 on weekends. The nights are fresh again with lows in the 1940s and even some 1930s in our colder regions. Confidence: medium-high

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