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DC area forecast: Lots of sun through weekend, with comfortable skies

A somewhat subjective assessment of that day’s weather, on a scale of zero to 10.

Friday grade — 10/10: ? Almost flawless? Wonderful October sun, little humidity and temperatures around 70 degrees!

  • Today: Mainly sunny and comfortable. Highlights: Mid 60’s to about 70’s.
  • This evening: Clear, generally calm. Lows: 40s.
  • Tomorrow: Sunny. Windy. Highlights: Low to mid 70’s.
  • Sunday: Partly sunny. Small chance of rain. Highlights: Mid 60’s to about 70’s.

A glorious Friday and a very decent weekend can help cushion the blow of incoming cooler air next week. The chance of showers for the next strong cold front will start to appear late on Sunday. Monday could be a damp (slightly stormy?) transition day, before a clearer, chilly Tuesday.

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Today (Friday): Glorious, sunny, mid 60s to about 70 degrees. Fall will be glorious weather, with westerly winds generally staying below 25 mph. I think you will also enjoy the fresher autumn air with dew points around 40 degrees. There may be a little more cloud cover during “peak warming”, but they are mood clouds at most. Confidence: High

This evening: The clear skies continue and the wind calms down. Be sure to watch the rising moon and Mars later in the evening. The coldest spots can drop a little below 40 degrees, but most of us are in our low to mid 40s. If the southern breeze picks up a bit during the early morning hours, the warmest spots can linger in the upper 40s. Confidence: medium-high

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Tomorrow (Saturday): From midday to late afternoon, a strong southerly wind should cause our high temperatures to rise in the low to mid 1970s. The sky is very clear with only a few clouds now and then, as it looks so far. Note that a gust or two near 30 mph cannot be ruled out. Confidence: medium-high

Tomorrow evening: The sky becomes partly cloudy. A breeze should calm a lot, and quickly, as the sun sets. Low temperatures can only drop in the upper 40s to mid 50s. A shower is possible before sunrise. Confidence: Average

Sunday: After a morning with a small chance of a shower, the sun can occasionally come in and out of the clouds. Towards the end of the day or evening, we may still see a chance for a shower or even a brief thunderstorm as a warm front tries to penetrate. High temperatures are a little hard to pin down, but right now they’re aiming for the mid-60s to around 70 degrees. Confidence: Average

Sunday night: The chance of rain is increasing. Showers or even a quick thunderstorm could come, so bring an umbrella if you’re outside. With all the clouds and moisture that might be around, temperatures can generally hover just around the low to mid-50s. Confidence: Average

Monday there may still be a shower and even a shower every now and then. High temperatures should still make it to the 60s, but a southerly breeze and some well-timed rays of the sun can bring 70 degrees in some places. A strong cold front is approaching. Confidence: Low-Medium

Chills in the 30s can start Tuesday, but at least we have the prospect of partly to mostly sunny skies to accompany our remarkable west-northwest winds. High temperatures in our new Canadian air mass may struggle to reach 50 degrees in some places. Many of us should still have low to mid 50’s – feel several degrees cooler thanks to the breeze. Confidence: Average

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