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DC Area Forecast: Mostly Sunny, but cooler through the weekend


A somewhat subjective assessment of the day’s weather, on a scale of zero to 10.

6/10. Most of the day is sunny and calm. We may not have wind gusts until late in the day and a slight chance of passing rain/snow showers or even drizzle.

  • Today: Sunny until late in the day, chance of a shower. Highlights: Mid to Over 40.
  • This evening: Any gusts of wind will dissipate early. Lows: Mid to above 20.
  • Tomorrow: Less airy. Mainly sunny. Highlights: Low to mid 40s.
  • Sunday: Sunny, windy, freezing cold. Highs: Mid to Over 30.

A rapid succession of cold fronts and weak, dry disturbances will bring strengthening shots of cold air from the northwest in the coming days. The weekend is even cooler than today, but the sky remains mostly sunny. Expect frequent freezing temperatures throughout the area through Monday.

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Today (Friday): The sky is mostly sunny and the wind is manageable until late afternoon when we can see a shower or snow shower. Graupel cannot be ruled out. Also around the same time, south-southwesterly breezes are increasing – with a gust of nearly 25 mph possible if the wind shifts to the westerly direction. Cold high temps stop mid to above 40. Confidence: medium to high

This evening: There may be occasional clouds, with one or two more showers possible. Precipitation, even if somewhat mixed in nature, ends well before temperatures drop to above 20 degrees by mid-morning. Northwesterly winds between 10 and 20 mph may warrant the heavy coat. Confidence: medium to high

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Mostly sunny and less westerly wind, but generally a bit cooler. High temperatures can only reach the low to mid 40s. Confidence: medium to high

Tomorrow evening: The sky is usually clear and the wind is usually light. Low temperatures drop into the 20s for the entire region. Confidence: medium to high

Sunday: Sunny, windy and January-like chills in the 20s. Be prepared for gusts from the northwest that can reach 30 mph at times, coupled with high temperatures in the mid to above 30s. You don’t want to go a day without gloves and a scarf. Confidence: medium to high

Sunday night: Low to mid 20s for low temperatures are mighty chilly, and chills can be in the teens, so wrap up tight. The sky is mostly clear and the wind slowly decreases over time. Confidence: medium to high

Cold air slowly erodes further Monday and Tuesday with high temperatures enhanced by mostly sunny skies. We should be able to get to about 50 degrees in the mid 40s. On Tuesday, even the cooler spots should see 50 degrees for high temperatures with the mid-50s in the warmer spots. Any wind on Monday should make it easier to go into Tuesday. Confidence: medium to high

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