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Debra Jo Rupp: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

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Hey Wisconsin, Kitty Forman is back! Debra Joe Rupp returned as the sitcom mom everyone knows and loves, but she told Us weekly what fans may not know about her real life.

The wall vision actress, 71, starred in all eight seasons of That 1970s show from 1998 to 2006. Now, she and Kurtwood Smith (who plays Red Forman) are back for Netflix That ’90s show. The suburban couple’s children have left home, but Eric’s (Great Grace) daughter, Leia (Callie Haverda), stays with them through the summer and adds some much-needed energy to their household.

The revival features a number of well-known sets that have received some 90s upgrades. Don’t expect those cheese grater lamps in the kitchen. After all, Rupp ran off with it when the original series ended.

“I took the cheese grater lamps from the kitchen and the purple grapes from the coffee table as mementos of the That 1970s show set,” said the Massachusetts native.

That ’90s show Season 1 is now available on Netflix. Scroll down to learn more about Rupp:

1. On a typical Sunday afternoon, I was lying on my couch with a big bag of Doritos for the whole family, watching TV and playing games on my iPad.

2. I took the cheese grater lamps from the kitchen and the purple grapes from the coffee table as a memento from the That 1970s show set.

3. My favorite thing about portraying Kitty Forman is her smile.

4. My first car was a silver 1969 Ford Galaxie. It’s a tank!

5. Some [people] say I can be Martha Stewart Jr. sometimes.

6. My most star touched moments were [meeting] Jerry Seinfeld during my audition for his show and also encountered Spencer: for hires Robert Urich in a grocery store.

7. The actresses I looked up to most growing up Carol Burnett and Katharine Hepburn.

8. If I could revisit one of my past projects, it would be from the earth to the moon. I could do better now.

9. I like The net of Sandra Bullock.

10. My favorite meal to cook is prime rib, baked potato, and asparagus.

11. When I’m feeling skinny, I prefer to make an iceberg wedge with bacon and blue cheese dressing.

12. My alternative profession would be a lawyer.

13. The most famous numbers in my phone book are all children of That 1970s show.

14. A place I would like to go is a river cruise in France. I think it could be quiet and beautiful, and there could be some wine involved!

15. My favorite book is To kill a mockingbird.

16. My crush on celebrities when I was growing up was Richard ThomasJohn Boy van The Waltons.

17. My beauty trick is to put a tablespoon in the freezer overnight and use it under your eyes and on your cheekbones in the morning to reduce puffiness.

18. My favorite room is my study because that’s where my couch is!

19. People are always surprised by how small I personally am.

20. My guilty pleasure reality TV shows are one of those housewives shows and The challenge on MTV.

21. My dream role is Kitty Forman — I’m playing her again now That ’90s show!

22. My favorite item in my wardrobe is my Ugg boots.

23. My favorite movie is Hoosiers of Gene Hackman. I love the story and all the characters.

24. The most shocking thing I did in the ’70s was go to Italy with my Italian boyfriend without telling anyone. It was the same year that Elvis died.

25. Abba’s “Dancing Queen” brings back the best memories.

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