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Domelipa in bathing suit says: “I found these pictures”

Influencer Domelipa shares selfies with her millions of social media followers. Domelipa posted snaps of herself posing in a pink bathing suit and canvas hat in front of the mirror in her bathroom. “I found these photos,” she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Domelipa stays in shape and the photos that prove they work – and to get yourself beach-ready, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrities in Swimsuits Ever!

Domelipa enjoys winter sports such as snowboarding. “Just being outside in nature can help us de-stress because it has been shown to lower salivary cortisol, one of the biomarkers of stress,” says Suzanne Bartlett Hackenmiller, MD. “Research has also suggested that just five minutes in nature is all our brains need to start thinking differently and experience a more relaxed mindset.”

Domelipa loves to dance, which is a great way to get some cardio while having fun. “Dancing can give you more than traditional cardio,” Fabio Comana, an exercise physiologist and member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine training team, told HuffPost. “If exercise isn’t a pleasurable experience, we’re not going to do it. People think, ‘I’m not exercising, I’m dancing.’ But at the end of the day, you’re moving and you’re burning calories. It’s like as good as a cardio class.”

Domelipa regularly goes to the gym. Even just making a point to take a walk every day can make a difference to your health, experts say. “This removes an all-too-common tendency to rationalize not working out by convincing yourself you’ll do it tomorrow instead,” says trainer Josh Bonhotal, CSCS. “Stringing together daily workouts allows you to gradually increase the intensity and difficulty over time, leading to even better results.”

Domelipa is not afraid to try new things like skydiving! “The sense of accomplishment you get when you complete a tandem skydive is amazing,” says Carl Griffiths, marketing manager at GoSkydive. “There’s a reason why a tandem skydive is part of many people’s bucket list. Our guests always say it’s the best thing they’ve done.”

Domelipa loves to travel the world and experience adventures. “Travel itself can be a break from the stressors piled up at home; a literal escape where you can focus on your own pleasure and yourself can be a welcome respite and help reduce your body’s overdrive,” says Jean Kim MD. “Even when you return to home stressors, the memories encoded by travel help maintain a ‘zen space’ that you can visit whenever you want. Mindfulness techniques often recommend returning to a beautiful or peaceful reminder to restore calm and balance wherever you are.”

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