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I smell a rat… Indian police say missing 440 pounds of cannabis was eaten by rodents

I smell a rat… Indian police say missing 440 pounds of cannabis was eaten by rodents

  • Police were asked to produce chunks as evidence, but said rats had eaten everything
  • The court defended the police’s apology, saying ‘it is difficult to protect drugs from rats’
  • Senior police officers also blamed heavy rains for the disappearance of cannabis supplies



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Indian police have claimed that rats are behind the disappearance of about 200 kilograms of cannabis held in police stations after being seized by drug dealers.

A court in the state of Uttar Pradesh was told that rats had apparently eaten the entire shipment of drugs when it asked police to provide it as evidence.

Rats are small animals and they are not afraid of the police. It’s difficult to protect the drug against them,” the court said, according to BBC News.

Rats and mice blamed in India for disappearance of drugs recently seized by police (stock image)

Judge Sanjay Chaudhary also cited other cases where disappearing drug stockpiles in Mathura state district were attributed to rodents by police.

In one example, part of a massive 850 pounds of cannabis held in police custody disappeared, with hungry rats taking the blame for the disappearance.

The judge said police had no way of dealing with voracious rodents because the animals are “too small.”

He also suggested that to protect seized drugs from “fearless mice,” the loot be auctioned off to laboratories and drugmakers, with the government keeping the proceeds.

In a plot twist, a senior Mathura police official said some of the missing cannabis was “damaged by heavy rainfall” and had not been touched by mice or rats.

Rodents have been blamed for several incidents in India over the years.

In 2018, rats nibbled notes worth more than £13,000 after breaking into an ATM in India.

And that same year, a three-story home collapsed after rats burrowed into its foundations, nearly killing a family of eight who had left just hours earlier.


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