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Is Neom a dystopian nightmare in the desert?

A dystopian nightmare in the desert? Mohammed Bin Salman’s megacity of Neom promises to be a futuristic paradise with a 100-mile skyscraper… but SHIVALI BEST discovers that there is a dark side to his vision

It calls itself a futuristic megatropolis where residents will live in a 110-mile skyscraper, a floating city and a high-tech mountain resort.

But as we discover in this video, others fear it’s a dystopian nightmare in the making.

Artificial intelligence will predict what residents need, they are being towed around at hundreds of miles per hour by high-speed transportation that hasn’t even been invented yet.

The Saudi Arabian city of Neom will have its own digital currency and citizens will be constantly monitored by facial recognition cameras to manage the city’s power and waste resources.

And horrible New details are emerging about the fate of three Saudi tribesmen who were sentenced to death this week for trying to object to construction on their land.


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