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Jane Fonda goes to the Vienna Opera Ball with a 90-year-old date


VIENNA — American actor Jane Fonda said on Wednesday she accepted an Austrian construction magnate’s invitation to attend the Vienna Opera Ball because he offered to “pay me quite a bit of money.”

The 85-year-old Academy Award and Golden Globe winner said during a press conference with her date, 90-year-old Richard Lugner, that she needed the money to pay her bills and support her grandchildren.

“I support a lot of people,” said Fonda.

The Opera Ball is one of the highlights of Austria’s social calendar and is known for a celebrity guest list. This year the event is on Thursday.

Lugner is known for paying secret amounts of money to famous women to accompany him to the prom. His previous guests included Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian and model Elle MacPherson.

Fonda said her dedication doesn’t include dancing at the prom because she has a “fake shoulder, two fake hips, two fake knees.”

“I’m old and I can fall apart,” joked the actor, whose recent roles include the TV series “Grace and Frankie” and the movie “80 for Brady.”

She admitted to being uninformed before accepting Lugner’s invitation, telling reporters she thought it was for an “opera performance” and not a ball.

Fonda, who is known for her activism to prevent teenage pregnancy and curb climate change, said she was “regretted” to learn that Austrian oil and gas company OMV sponsored the Vienna opera ball.

“These fossil fuel companies are criminal. They are criminal. They kill people. They are killing the planet,” she said.

“Please try to get your opera to stop taking support from an oil company,” Fonda added.

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