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Janelle Monae reveals that being non-binary has opened her mind artistically: “Surprising and discovering all about myself…”

Janelle Monae reveals coming out as non-binary has changed her in several ways (Pic Credit: Instagram)

Actress-singer Janelle Monae said the response to coming out as non-binary has been extremely positive and wants everyone to walk in their own truth.

The ‘Knives Out: Glass Onion’ star, who uses she/her and she/she pronouns, came out as non-binary last year and received a great response from the general public, femalefirst.co.uk reports.

Janelle Monae told People, “It was amazing. And I say that because I think there are a lot more discussions, and that’s so important. I think we all want to walk in our truth. We’re just trying to find a name that fits how we feel. And I always love that.

Janelle Monae spoke about how being nonbinary has made her more compassionate: “I try to challenge people to listen. Yes, maybe you don’t necessarily understand. But listening is one of those things we can do for free. I think by listening you can give someone more compassion, more empathy, and that’s just one step further [to] bridge that gap between us.”

The ‘Yoga’ hitmaker added, “Being non-binary has opened up my mind in terms of the kind of art I can make and where I can go, who I can be. It’s about surprising myself and discovering something new.”

At the Critics Choice Awards earlier this month, the star accepted the seventh annual SeeHer Award, for actors who advocate for equality, defy stereotypes and push boundaries.

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