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Jayda Cheaves in bathing suit says: “I just look like this”

Jayda Cheaves warms up by the pool in her swimsuit. The actress flaunts her assets in a tiny bathing suit in one of her latest social media posts. “It’s not a thirst trap. I just look like this,” she captioned the Instagram video. “Let them know… your energy speaks for itself,” commented one of her 8 million+ followers. “LOOKS… GOOD,” added another. How does she stay so fit? Read on for 5 ways Jayda Cheaves stays in shape and the photos that prove they work — and to get beach-ready yourself, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrities in Swimsuits Ever!

Jayda likes sports. “I’ve recently returned to the gym, so I’m trying to master my fitness game,” she shared shine. Physical activity is anything that gets your body moving. Each week, adults need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and 2 days of muscle-strengthening activity, according to current Exercise Guidelines for Americans


Jayda has shared her struggles after welcoming her child. “My postpartum was horrible. I thought there was something wrong with me. I didn’t even realize it was postpartum. For me, bonding with my baby helped a lot. Baby LA is so happy all the time, and as a mom it is makes me happy,” she told Sheen. “I would also say it’s important for moms to take care of themselves. Try to find ‘you’ again and do what makes you happy. Don’t be hard on yourself and don’t feel like you’re the only mom in the world to ever experience this.”

Jayda also enjoys horseback riding, which is good for your mental and physical health American Heart Association. It not only improves cardiovascular health, but also builds core strength, burns calories and lowers blood pressure. It is also good for your mental health as it helps you relax.

Jayda loves Asian food. “Let the birthday secrets begin..25 on the 25th..” she captioned a photo of herself enjoying Korean BBQ with friends. “Asian menus typically feature a lot of heart-friendly ingredients. But the preparation can contain a lot of fat and not so healthy additives. Try these health-conscious ordering tips:

  • Opt for steamed dumplings instead of ordering spring rolls and fried dumplings.
  • Bypass fried or breaded meat dishes. Instead, choose baked, broiled, grilled, sautéed protein sources — chicken, fish, shellfish, lean beef or pork.
  • Fill your plate with a variety of veggies, whether they’re boiled, roasted, steamed, or lightly stir-fried (e.g., Chop Suey with steamed rice),” says the Cleveland clinic.

Jayda doesn’t listen to body-shamers. “The internet can be very cruel. I learned that before I even had my baby. So I was already adjusted to the possibilities of negative comments, backlash, etc. I learned to ignore and not respond. I block anyone who bad for my energy,” she told Sheen.

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