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Kaia Gerber in swimsuit is a “Dream Girl”

Kaia Gerber shows off her phenomenal figure in one of her latest modeling shoots – in a bathing suit. Rocking a white ribbed swimsuit in the latest issue of Elle, the supermodel looks incredibly fit as she poses on all fours. “Dream girls,” one of her followers commented. “I love this,” added another. How does Cindy Crawford’s mini me stay so fit? Read on for 5 ways Kaia Gerber stays in shape and the photos that prove they work — and to get beach-ready yourself, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrities in Swimsuits Ever!

Kaia is a regular at The Dogpound, a celebrity weight training mecca. In March 2021, the gym shared a video of her sweat session with Bachelor contestant Kit Keenan. In it, the two hold hands as they perform a series of knee raises and arabesques while holding kettlebells and balancing on yoga hemisphere balls. Sliding side lunges, side plank crunches, walking squats with resistance bands around the thighs and feet, forward and backward jumps using resistance bands, crunches and leg lifts on hemisphere balls, and leg lifts and extensions done while wearing ankle weights are some of the other moves the duo completely during the grueling session.

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Kaia is all about indulging in carbs and other guilty pleasures. “I’m passionate about breakfast. I wake up hungry, so I always eat a bagel,” she said Harper’s Bazaar. Some of her other favorite dishes include steak tacos, banana splits, and pasta. “I can’t go a day without eating pasta. Penne with vodka sauce is my all-time favorite and is actually one of the things I know how to prepare myself.”

Kaia has a balanced approach to nutrition in general. “Staying in shape is definitely something I think about, but I don’t let it get in the way. I’m active, but I’m not just going to wake up and go to the gym and not eat pizza. If there’s pizza or if there’s ice cream I’m going to eat it,” she said Byrdie in 2019.

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Kaia also ensures sufficient rest. “Sleep is very important if you travel a lot to get your biological clock on the time zone you are in. I also like spending time with my family. I don’t want the distance to create space in the relationships I have, so I try to keep in touch with them,” she told Byrdie.

Self-care is another of Kaia’s priorities. She said Fashion in 202 that daily diaries, therapy, meditation, yoga, and breathwork are all part of her self-care routine. “ Some examples of self-care are taking a walk outside if you enjoy nature, taking a bubble bath, journaling, socializing with friends, or meditating,” says the Cleveland clinic.

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