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Karren supported Brady after being accused of “bullying” two contestants on The Apprentice to tears

‘They just weren’t working’: Karren Brady supported after being accused of ‘bullying’ two contestants to tears on The Apprentice

  • Brady was attacked after two hopefuls cried in the last episode
  • Brady’s friends defended her yesterday, saying she was serious



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Two contestants who had burst into tears on The Apprentice were “not up to the job,” said friends of Baroness Karren Brady.

The television star – one of Lord Alan Sugar’s “advisors” on the reality business show – came under fire after two hopefuls started crying during the interview round on Thursday’s episode.

Meanwhile, the West Ham United CEO was so annoyed by another contestant using her first name that she replied, “It’s Baroness Brady to you, my friends call me Karren.”

One Twitter user said: ‘New low for the student. Bullying young girls who want to open candy stores. Shrink.’

Another wrote, “The Apprentice is the worst of all reality shows because that’s all it is right now. Exploitative, manipulative and actually bullying.’ Elsewhere, the episode was described as “borderline bullying by a load of ancient dinosaurs”.

Karren Brady – one of Lord Alan Sugar’s ‘advisors’ on the reality business show – was assaulted after two hopefuls cried during the interview round on last Thursday’s episode

But friends of Mrs. Brady defended her yesterday, saying, “This isn’t Karren’s fault, you have to be tough on business and not have the snowflake qualities that so many young people have these days.”

Another said, “They just weren’t up to the job.”

A BBC spokesperson also supported 53-year-old Brady, who has worked as a businesswoman since she was 19.

He said: ‘The application round is more than an ordinary conversation.

The aim is to help determine whose business plan has the potential to secure Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment.

‘That is why every detail must be carefully considered and advisers will sometimes have to ask difficult questions. There is a lot at stake for the candidates and emotions are running high, because they want to be sure of a place in the final.’

Sources close to The Apprentice insisted they take the wellbeing of everyone involved in the program seriously – pointing out that a dedicated wellbeing team is on hand to support candidates through every part of the process.

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