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‘Khelo Shyam Sang Hori’ for being out with a modern twist! Singer Says “We’ve Added New Lyrics And A New Orchestration”

‘Khelo Shyam Sang Hori’ is a traditional folk song ‘recreated in a modern way’ (Photo Credit – Instagram)

After writing the lyrics for some iconic movies like ‘Life In A Metro’, ‘PK’, ‘Bas Ek Pal’, ‘Khoobsurat’, singer and lyricist Amitabh S Verma is all set to release his next song ‘Khelo Shyam Sang Hori to release. this Holi.

The music video for this foot tapping song is shot in Vrindavan and features Riva Arora and Aarush Varma.

While talking about the song, with Riva Arora, Amitabh S. Verma said, “This is a traditional bandish that is based on Raag Kafi. It is a very old traditional folk song recreated in a modern way. We’ve added new lyrics to the traditional song, as well as fresh new orchestration and a modern arrangement. The whole song was shot in Vrindavan.”

Briefing on the cast of the music video, he added: “We have two young artists featured in this song, Riva Arora and Aarush Varma. Riva represents Radha and Aarush portrays the character of Lord Krishna. In Vrindavan, every boy is believed to be Krishna and every girl is Radha and the song beautifully depicts that. Riva has been part of numerous TV, OTT and movies in the past. ‘rock star‘, ‘Uri’ are a few well known ones. Aarush won international awards with his short film ‘The God and the Blind’ and is now all set for his Bollywood debut with ‘OMG2’ where he plays the son of Pankaj Tripathi.”

The song with Riva Arora is produced by Shruti Anindita Vermaa and Me 2 Films in collaboration with Uttar Pradesh Braj Vikas Tirth Parishad.

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