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Krishna Chali London Fame Kaushiki Rathore On Her Casting Couch Experience: “It Shook The Ground Beneath Me…”

Kaushiki Rathore on the casting couch in the early years of her acting career (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Actress Kaushiki Rathore, part of shows like ‘Krishna Chali London’, ‘Gudiya Hamara Sabhi Pe Bhari’ and ‘Story 9 Months Ki’, will be totally seen as the negative protagonist in the TV show ‘Durga Aur Chaaru’.

Kaushiki related an incident and said she got a weird question during her early days.

Kaushiki Rathore said, “The industry has changed so much, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is asking for favors in exchange for work. The incident happened to me when I started giving auditions and happened to get an opportunity in the South project.”

“All things were finalized but when they handed over the contract to me they added some of their terms and asked me to compromise. I was baffled as I had only heard about such incidents but when it happened to me, the ground shook under me, I declined their offer, but their words affected my mental state,” said Kaushiki Rathore.

Kaushiki added that one cannot blame the entire industry for those who practice casting couch.

Kaushiki Rathore said: “Despite the incident, I believe that not all incidents are bad. We just have to learn to distinguish between good and bad. People need to understand that compromise is not the only way to make it big in the industry.”

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